DSG join forces with Bleed Esports for VCL Malaysia/Singapore 2024

Written By Arnab Baidya Writer
Last UpdatedJanuary 26, 2024 at 09:56AM
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After six months of tease to enter back into VALORANT esports, Disguised has officially announced its partnership with BLEED Esports for 2024. This collaboration means that DSG has officially left the North America region for VALORANT esports and stepped into the APAC region.

Bleed Esports got promoted to the APAC League after winning the VCT Pacific Ascension 2023, and by partnering with DSG for the upcoming VALORANT Challengers Malaysia/Singapore for 2024, Bleed Esports will provide Disgused with full backing for the upcoming season.

Both organizations will also plan to host watch parties and events together, fostering a sense of community and providing fans with unique experiences. This partnership also signifies long-term alliances between Disgused and Bleed Esports, who are eagerly committed to supporting Riot. Speaking on the partnership, BLEED COO Ian Huston said,

“As the Ascension team for VCT Pacific, it’s important to us to remember where we started. To keep supporting Challengers and Malaysia/Singapore through VALORANT, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Disguised’s expansion into Asia. More details on our joint initiatives will be revealed soon, where our priority is the fans and growing our community.”

Leaving the NA region and entering the SEA region also marks a homecoming moment for the Founder and CEO, Disguised Toast, who was born in Taiwan but grew up in Malaysia and frequently visited Singapore as a child. Talking about the partnership, Disguised CEO Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang said,

"One of my goals with DSG is to build it into a global brand, and I’ve always wanted to expand to the Asia region. I lived in Malaysia from age 1 to 13 and haven’t visited since, so I’m excited to make a return,” he said. “A huge thank you to BLEED for supporting us through this whole process and helping us build a roster. Fans can expect DSG to be visiting the SEA region this year."

This partnership between BLEED and DSG extends beyond regional support. BLEED envisions helping DSG legitimately break into the Asian market while leveraging DSG's presence to potentially facilitate BLEED’s entry into the North American esports scene at a later point. A content partnership is also in the works, where both organizations will collaborate to create engaging content and support each other in achieving their shared goals.

Here is the VALORANT roster for DSG participating in the VALORANT Challengers MY/SG 2024:

  • Sirajul Azrie "Riza" Bin Sirajul Adly
  • Wong "JayH" Jia Heng
  • Bryce "bryce" Lee
  • Tyler "juicy" James
  • Wayne "wayne" Chang
  • Head Coach - Alexander "alexRr" Frisch

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Having attended prominent events like the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023, He has amassed firsthand experience and a deep understanding of global esports competitions. Now dedicated to journalism, he delivers engaging narratives, insightful analysis, and comprehensive coverage of Valorant tournaments and player dynamics across multiple platforms.

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