juicy and nephh depart from Bleed Esports to fulfill national duty

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Last UpdatedAugust 29, 2023 at 03:40PM
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In addition to the establishment of the International Leagues by Riot for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 season, the Challengers scene experienced a surge of enthusiasm within regional circuits. These circuits showcased captivating narratives and compelling buildups, adding to the excitement as teams vied for the chance to shine in the spotlight. Among these passionate contenders, Bleed eSports embarked on this journey with the aspiration of securing a coveted position in the International leagues through the Challengers circuit. Despite achieving success in their endeavor, they now face the departure of two integral members from their roster: Tyler "juicy" James and Marcus "nephh" Tan.

juicy and nephh to leave Bleed Esports for national service

After concluding their VCT 2022 season with a loss at the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers, Bleed Esports exhibited unwavering determination to leave a lasting impact in the forthcoming season. This resolve was further fueled by their desire to make up for their inability to secure a spot in Riot's partner program. Their journey through the Challengers circuit commenced in the Malaysia and Singapore league, where they exhibited unparalleled dominance. Surging forward with an impeccable 7-0 record in the Group Stages, they continued this momentum into the Playoffs, where they showcased an impeccable run dropping only one map in the way. Following their triumphant victory in the Grand Finals, they secured their position in the Challengers Ascension tournament, a significant stride toward attaining a coveted place in the International Leagues.

In the Challengers Ascension tournament, they aced the Group Stages and seeded to the Semi Finals directly where they engaged in an intense faceoff against Boom Esports, and then comfortably took down SCARZ in the Grand Finals to win the event and earn a spot in the Pacific League for VCT 2024 and 2025. During the year, juicy alternated between Jett, Raze and Reyna averaging 1.15 rating on 234 ACS being amongst the top 5 most impactful players in the Challengers Ascension. Nephh, who had joined the team following the outcome of Challengers Split 1, found a way to contribute primarily using Breach and Killjoy averaging 1.05 rating on 194 ACS. Both of these players were crucial to the team’s outcome in the season and will be difficult to find replacements for come VCT 2024.

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