MAD Lions introduces N4RRATE to their main roster

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Last UpdatedMarch 2, 2023 at 12:05AM
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Proceedings for the VCT 2023 - Challengers League North America - Split 1 commenced on February 1 and all teams have had the opportunity to compete at least twice, with Group A teams being a game ahead of their counterparts. Considering the impact that each result has on the team’s eventual placement, it is no surprise that teams are opting to make roster changes mid-tournament. One such organization was MAD Lions that decided to bring Marshall "N4RRATE" Massey ahead of their matchup against m80.

N4RRATE brought on for Will

N4RRATE was a verified Twitch partner known for playing ranked Valorant; however, he has relatively few documented matches with the most recent being under the Raw Dawgs team name at the Knights Gauntlet 2023 - February. He currently boasts a rating of 1.48 on 308 ACS from a total of 62 rounds played. While these statistics may seem incredibly fascinating, there’s not enough data to draw a more comprehensive picture about his performance and therefore the ongoing Challengers League will be the perfect opportunity for him to shine.

His introduction to the roster was preceded shortly by the transfer of William "Will" Cheng to the bench. Will did not have the best year in terms of finding a roster spot as he was moved from the 100 Thieves roster after their acceptance into the Riot partner program. 2023 did not bear good news for him spending just a couple of months, he was moved to the bench. He has an average of 1.26 rating, 257.9 ACS, 1.32 KD which demonstrates the potential he still possesses.

With this announcement, MAD Lions roster will be as follows:

  • Canada Adam "Ange" Milian
  • United States Taylor "drone" Johnson
  • United States Justin "Trick" Sears
  • United States Anthony "ZexRow" Colandro
  • United States Marshall "N4RRATE" Massey
  • Canada William "Will" Cheng
  • Japan Ryou "MoonChopper" Nishiyama (Head Coach)

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