Report: T1 to add OCE player tixx to VALORANT roster

Written By Naim Rosinski Senior Editor
Last UpdatedSeptember 4, 2023 at 05:01PM
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T1 has been busy on the VALORANT transfer market. We previously reported them on being close to signing iZu from Jadeite. However, now it looks like they are close to signing yet another player.

T1 have been busy with tryouts ever since their early exit from VCT Champions 2023.

T1 close in on tixx

The player they are close to signing is Nick "tixx" Quinn, an Australian controller player. tixx previously played in VCL South Asia earlier this year where his team failed to make it to APAC Ascension. He was also reportedly very close to joining BOOM Esports last year.

The signing of tixx will mean that the future of T1's current controller player Joseph "ban" Seungmin Oh is still unknown. ban previously played in North America but spoke fluent Korean. However, with the signing of tixx T1 will reportedly be communicating in English.

The signing of tixx will be big news for the fans of the OCE region. He will be the second only player from the OCE league to be playing in the Franchise league. The other being Michael "WRONSKI" Wronski who played for Global Esports before being dropped from the roster.

It still remains to be seen who gets dropped from the roster with the two new signings coming in. Both iZu and tixx will be significant upgrades to the current roster but the language barrier may be a pending issue for the talented roster.

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