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A former ESL teacher with a Master’s degree in English Studies that found his drive in esports. Merging a passion for the craft of writing with a never-ending need to out-aim others in the game of VALORANT and Counter-Strike.

Naim began his esports-writing and reporting journey at DailyEsports (now Upcomer), where he was a contributor for CS:GO. More and more enamored with esports, he quickly received a chance to attend IEM Katowice 2019 as press and managed to interview Cath, Lekr0, FalleN, and jkaem, his first dive into covering an event on-site.

With the release of VALORANT, Naim saw potential in Riot Games’ take on a 5v5 competitive shooter and joined Run It Back as a writer. After 3 months, he got promoted to a Managing Editor, managing a team of contributors and held regular brainstorming meetings to get content pumping for 3 years straight. In that time he attended Masters Berlin 2021, as well as VALORANT Champions 2022 as press on-site press.

Now, Naim is a Content Manager & Editor at THESPIKE. He keeps tabs on news, features, and evergreen content production, as well as contributing himself from time to time.

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What was your best esports moment?
Winning a 2v2 Pvpro wingman tournament
What was your worst esports moment?
Failing to become an esports professional due to the unfortunate luck of not being able to “point with mouse and click on head faster.”

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Naim Rosinski

If you don’t find Naim working, you can probably see him sitting in VALORANT Premier constantly being vocal and totally not bottom-fragging. He also sometimes casually flies to Spain to have a cerveza in Andalusia and speak some broken Spanish.

On a more serious note, Naim is yet to miss covering an international VALORANT LAN event (either on-site or off-site). With a very long streak going, his drive for esports thrives year-on-year as he plans on expanding his horizons by learning more about other esports down the line.

Gaming is what pushed him towards pursuing his passion and if esports would cease to exist, so would his motivation and drive.

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