Onur DemirkolWriter 543 Articles

Onur Demirkol here, Content Writer for THESPIKEGG. You will see his name on a bunch of different articles here, whether they are breaking news or evergreen guides and content.

His journey in the industry has been marked by influential roles at esteemed platforms such as Flank Esports and 5Mid, where he served as editor-in-chief. Onur made significant contributions to their success in written content and social media, including a notable impact on an issue of the Turkish Esports Federation magazine. Currently, he serves as the Lead Editor for Gamelevate, taking pride in managing a global team of 12 talented writers. Additionally, Onur regularly contributes to Softonic, gHacks, Dataconomy, and Techbriefly. He has written thousands of articles, and that number continues to go up.

Aashir AhmedWriter 289 Articles

As a dedicated Behavioral Neuroscience student, I have immersed myself in the world of esports writing for the past five years. My journey began with a deep-seated fascination for the inherent dynamics of esports, coupled with a burning passion for professional writing. From humble beginnings crafting small blogs dedicated to League of Legends, I gradually expanded my horizons to cover diverse realms, including CSGO and Minecraft guides, and staying on top of Fortnite updates.

Throughout this adventure, my evolving interests ultimately converged on the captivating world of VALORANT of esports and embracing this challenge wholeheartedly, I've strived to provide comprehensive coverage at the highest level, delving into the intricate nuances of the game.

Tom WhylesWriter 5 Articles
I'm Tom, and I'm a UK based gamer and occasional streamer. I've been watching and playing Valorant for a couple of years as a secondary interest to my main game which is Overwatch.
Doğukan SarıdemirWriter 84 Articles

A man from Turkey who has been involved in computer and video games almost since he was born, and has made esports his life's fantasy for over 10 years.

So, with over 13 years of dedicated interest and experience in the gaming & esports industry, I possess a deep understanding of its dynamics and operations. I've been actively engaged in the field for the past 4 years, gaining invaluable insights into the workings of the esports world. During this time, I have had the privilege of writing over 800 articles in English & Turkish, covering a wide range of games such as Call of Duty, DotA2, Apex Legends, CS:GO, and VALORANT. Though my specialization has predominantly been in CS:GO news, I have also extensively researched and written about teams, players, and tournaments in VALORANT, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.

Additionally, my comprehensive knowledge of the gaming industry encompasses updates, streamers, deals, commercials, and more, complemented by a solid understanding of SEO practices. Beyond my writing expertise, I am proficient in Photoshop, allowing me to create visually appealing content. In recognition of my passion for esports journalism, I founded an esports news media website in Turkey, where I currently serve as the editor-in-chief. Leading this platform has not only honed my editorial skills but has also enabled me to effectively manage social media accounts, collaborating with social media managers to amplify our online presence.

Marcelo BensabathWriter 78 Articles
He have gone through all stages on his career within esports - player, coach, manager, business, and much more. Played CS:GO and Overwatch competitively during his teenage years and had the opportunity to coach several amateur and professional MOBA teams. He had the opportunity to contribute his two cents to some teams such as MVP, LOS, and DragonX and has worked with various gaming companies, including some well-known ones such as Level Up! and Epic Games. Currently, he is currently studying to pursue his master's degree in International Relations in Kyoto, Japan. "Full time on esports since Luminosity won that Major"
Naim RosinskiContent Manager & Editor 55 Articles

A former ESL teacher with a Master’s degree in English Studies that found his drive in esports. Merging a passion for the craft of writing with a never-ending need to out-aim others in the game of VALORANT and Counter-Strike.

Naim began his esports-writing and reporting journey at DailyEsports (now Upcomer), where he was a contributor for CS:GO. More and more enamored with esports, he quickly received a chance to attend IEM Katowice 2019 as press and managed to interview Cath, Lekr0, FalleN, and jkaem, his first dive into covering an event on-site.

With the release of VALORANT, Naim saw potential in Riot Games’ take on a 5v5 competitive shooter and joined Run It Back as a writer. After 3 months, he got promoted to a Managing Editor, managing a team of contributors and held regular brainstorming meetings to get content pumping for 3 years straight. In that time he attended Masters Berlin 2021, as well as VALORANT Champions 2022 as press on-site press.

Now, Naim is a Content Manager & Editor at THESPIKE. He keeps tabs on news, features, and evergreen content production, as well as contributing himself from time to time.

Arnab BaidyaWriter 50 Articles

Arnab is an esports journalist contributing to THESPIKE.GG and various other gaming publications. With over four years of industry experience and a background in managing esports teams and influencers in India, Arnab brings a wealth of operational insight and storytelling finesse to esports reporting.

Having attended prominent events like the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023, He has amassed firsthand experience and a deep understanding of global esports competitions. Now dedicated to journalism, he delivers engaging narratives, insightful analysis, and comprehensive coverage of Valorant tournaments and player dynamics across multiple platforms.

Beyond THESPIKE.GG, Arnab has significantly contributed to diverse gaming publications, sharing their expertise and expanding their reach within the gaming community. Committed to bridging the gap between industry intricacies and audience understanding, He strives to provide readers with the latest insights and analyses within the dynamic world of VALORANT and esports.

Sushant JhaWriter 2 Articles

Sushant Jha is a hardcore data enthusiast. He loves to code and play competitive games and is currently a data analyst for a professional VCT Team. Sushant continuously attempts to explain game situations and metas through numbers, graphs, and more.

Sushant initially started off working as a scout and data analyst for a local football team. Later on, he made a valiant effort to translate his skills into esports and VALORANT in particular, something that really worked in his favor.

Sushant loves to spend his time working with data content and data-driven articles in his free time some of which are regularly posted on his Twitter. Sushant stronlgy believes that we can achieve the same impact data has in traditional sports in esports and beyond.

PuriJapanese Interviewer 4 Articles
I'm currently a college student that lives in America and Japan. I really enjoy meeting new people, fashion and studying new languages.
Eddie LemonWriter 56 Articles
Hi, my name is Eddie, I am a full-time writer and short-form video editor, with a degree in Esports! My main games are VALORANT and League of Legends, so you could say that I am at the beck and call of Riot Games! I have worked previously for a few different websites, doing various roles, such as writing, editing, and even voiceovers, but here at THESPIKE, I am an out-and-out article writer, so I can really get as much content out as I can! I graduated with my Esports degree with a 2:1, and a desire to keep going, so this was a perfect step for me, but I still can't get enough of League of Legends when I'm free.
Luke DaltonWriter 63 Articles

Luke has been a professional writer since 2016, beginning as a technical author for a POS company. He journeyed from there deeper into the world of content creation for software companies, while writing his debut fiction novel, which he self-published in early 2019.

He has since spent many years weaving words as a freelance writer for a smorgasbord of industries, honing razor-sharp SEO skills, exploring the persuasion psychology behind copywriting, and dabbling on different social media platforms.

Most recently, Luke’s writing journey has involved ghostwriting for various personalities and writing riveting content for THESPIKE that hits page 1 in Google time after time.

Georgy GordiyWriter 21 Articles
Passionate esports writer for VALORANT & Counter-Strike.
James LilleyWriter 10 Articles
VALORANT writer with an eager eye for stats and data.
Staff WriterStaff Writer 1363 Articles
Bringing you the latest and greatest in VALORANT news and guides. Articles from our former and current Staff Writers keep you up-to-date on everything VALORANT!
Lanson HoopaiSeijisoldier 4 Articles

Lanson's a licensed copyeditor with five years' experience in the writing and editing industry, working on books, magazines, web content, and the occasional light novel. Now, he writes evergreen content for THESPIKE.GG.

He got his gaming start on League of Legends, maining top-lane Pantheon on a Macbook Pro that barely reached 30 FPS. Since then, he's branched out to many different game genres, including card games with Magic: The Gathering, fighting games with Super Smash Bros., and—his most recent obsession—tactical shooter games with Valorant.

In his spare time, he enjoys... well, playing Valorant... and hitting the gym, chasing a four-plate deadlift, four-plate squat, and three-plate bench press. He also streams coworking sessions on Twitch, where you can often find his chat roasting his hairstyle, height, and choice of music.

Eray EliaçıkEray Eliaçık 6 Articles

Meet Eray, a tech enthusiast passionate about AI, crypto, gaming, and more. Eray is always looking into new developments, exploring unique topics, and keeping up with the latest trends in the tech industry, and gaming is the sweetest spot.

Eray has been rocking it as a news manager and content creator at spots like Dataconomy, TechBriefly, Gamelevate, Softonic, and various tech realms. Crafting over 2k tech articles, Eray captivated millions of readers for over three years.

Now, over at THE SPIKE, Eray's the content writer, blending a love for spinning stories and helpful guides with a serious knack for all things tech. AI, games, you name it—He is all about digging into the latest and greatest.

Yousef ZainEvergreen Content Writer 3 Articles

Yousef A. Zain, Evergreen Content Writer for THESPIKE.GG, is a seasoned content writer with a passion for crafting engaging and informative stories on the ever-evolving gaming industry. He boasts a wealth of experience in the field, having worked as a Features Writer at DualShockers, Freelance Features Writer at WhatIfGaming, and Freelance Writer at KeenGamer, among many other gaming and entertainment outlets.

Currently, Yousef continues his pursuit to hone his craft and share his insights with a broader demographic—targeting League of Legends and VALORANT (his most played online games) and the vaster audience of eSports this time.

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