Acend part ways with zeek

written by ArmandVanHelden September 17, 2022 at 2:33pm
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The first Champions winners, Acend have announced the departure of their veteran player, Aleksander "zeek" Zygmunt. zeek was already benched a while ago and he will be looking to find a new organization for the upcoming season.

Acend had great performances last year, proving their worth by lifting the VALORANT Champions 2021 trophy. However, their performance decreased gradually and of course, it affected their success in the scene. They have tried different roster combinations throughout the season but couldn’t quite find what they were looking for. Acend failed to qualify for VALORANT Champions 2022 İstanbul and ended their 2022 run pretty early.

zeek was already on the bench, as covered. He was one of the key parts of the Acend roster during their successful days. He was benched right before the EMEA Last Chance Qualifiers and L1NK filled his shoes for the team in the tournament. From now on, he has parted ways with the organization and seeks a new home for the upcoming season. The Polish player holds a 1.12 rating and a 1.24 K/D since the start of his career, which is almost 4700 rounds.

With zeek’s departure, Acend’s roster is as follows:

PolandPatryk "starxo" KopczynskiTurkeyMehmet Yağız "cNed" İpekLithuaniaVakaris "vakk" BebravičiusCzech RepublicOndřej "MONSTEERR" PetrůUnited KingdomTravis "L1NK" MendozaUnited KingdomMark "Krimson" Senior (Manager) LithuaniaLaurynas "Nbs" Kisielius (Coach) NetherlandsMilan "Milan" de Meij (Analyst)


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