FPX promote their Chinese team ZHUQUE as their main roster

written by ArmandVanHelden January 9, 2023 at 3:56pm
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Fun Plus Phoenix’s run in EMEA came to end after missing the chance of competing in the franchise league. The organization has now turned back to its roots and promoted its Chinese VALORANT division to FunPlus Phoenix ZHUQUE. FPX had already owned ZHUQUE and the team had been competing in the Chinese scene.

FPX’s VALORANT journey started in Europe and they kept their grind in the region until the end of the 2022 season. On their journey, FPX won many tournaments both within the region as well as internationally. The team was on a roll in 2022 with their first international trophy as well as a regional championship. Despite that, towards the end of 2022, the organization failed to get a franchise spot which led them to look elsewhere in the scene. FPX will now compete in China, as Riot secured approval from the government which has allowed the game to be accessible in the country. They will compete under the name of FunPlus Phoenix ZHUQUE.

As FPX’s Chinese division, ZHUQUE players had been competing in the scene for a while now. Even though there are no official servers in the country, it was known that the players were connecting to nearby servers via VPN. However, this is to change in the upcoming days with the Chinese government’s permission. The FPX board is aiming to use it for their benefit after getting left out of all franchise leagues. VALORANT will be accessible for all the players in China soon and the esports scene will likely grow with the approval of Riot’s title in the country.

ZHUQUE in 2022

The ZHUQUE roster holds important potential but the organization failed to achieve anything better than a third-place finish in FGC VALORANT Invitational 2022 Acts. However, ZHUQUE reached the FGC VALORANT Invitational 2022: Epilogue Grand Final and came up against the most successful team in the region, EDward Gaming, which resulted in a 3-1 win in favor of the now-FPX team.

Yuicaw had impressive performances on Chamber last year and he is currently the rating leader of the roster with a 1.11 to his name. AAAAY follows him with a 1.09 rating and a 1.14 K/D who spent the majority of 2022 playing Skye.

FPX ZHUQUE’s roster for the upcoming year is:

ChinaZhang "AAAAY" YangTaiwanHuang "Yuicaw" Yung-chiehChinaHe "WudiYuChEn" CaiTaiwanZhang "BerLIN" BolinChinaTang "nizhaoTZH" Zhe Hao


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