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GameAgents announce VALORANT team

by Germanicus 2020-05-26

With the release of VALORANT and the brand-new esports scene, many smaller organizations are looking to capitalize on the new game and grow their brand. Serbian organization GameAgents are the latest. With teams in CS:GO, Apex Legends, and Battalion 1944 already, GameAgents will be hoping VALORANT can be their first true success.

“We definitely expect Valorant to become a big esports title as the game concept is really interesting, brings a good viewer experience, and has a lot of content potential. Of course, there is the fact that Riot is behind this game, and they already have experience in making a game really successful. It's still a big question for us how the ecosystem is going to work, tournaments, etc. But overall we see Valorant as a big esports title and we definitely have plans to be part of it, not just as a team, but as a tournament organizer too,” Aleksandar Gligoric, CEO of GameAgents, told THESPIKE.GG.

GameAgents signed a full Polish roster to compete in the game. Wiktor “merkan” Michalak leads the way as captain, along with Michał “RETO” Silski, Kamil “JotKa” Dziekoński, Michał “Plaski” Misior, and Michał “ikS” Wozowczyk. RETO, JotKa, Plaski, and ikS all come from CS:GO backgrounds. RETO is most notable of the bunch for his time playing professionally on Izako Boars, but the other three all played semi-pro as well - ikS for Warriors Team, Onca Gaming, and Alsen Gaming, Plaski for Alsen Gaming alongside ikS, and JotKa for Vex.esport. Merkan comes from the shooter Zula, where he played in the Zula Pro League for Actina PACT.

While, besides Alsen Gaming, they never really played together in other games, the team have been playing VALORANT together under the name BAGNO. They’ve placed highly in and even won some weekly cups hosted by organizers such as CheckMate Gaming, UMG Gaming, and Cascade, as well as getting to participate on the larger European stage on occasion.

As Aleksandar Gligoric commented, “We were scouting European teams for more then 2 weeks, but our main focus was to get either a Balkan team, as that's where we are based, or a Polish team, because we work with a Polish esports agency and have connections there. Unfortunately we didn't find a good deal in the Balkans, and when it came to Poland, we saw these guys winning some weekly cups and we started following them. They got invited to a couple of Polish tournaments too and they performed really well there, and that's where we came to the final decision to go with them. We see potential in this lineup to be at least in the top 5 teams in Poland, even though it's still very early to make such a prediction."

GameAgents roster is:

Wiktor “merkan” Michalak Michał “RETO” Silski Kamil “JotKa” Dziekoński Michał “Plaski” Misior Michał “ikS” Wozowczyk


pashabiceps coach
2020-05-28 21:17
Welcome to Valorant, dear poles! ;)
2020-05-29 11:16

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