NRG completes its 2023 roster by signing thwifo as the 6th player

written by dogukansaridemir December 2, 2022 at 10:20am
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NRG Esports signing with the 20-year-old, Zander "thwifo" Kim as the 6th player and completed his roster to ready for the 2023 season.

NRG re-formed, keeping only Sam "s0m" Oh from its 2022 roster. Announcing the players in its new roster one by one throughout November, NRG formed the skeleton of its 2023 roster by signing Pujan "FNS" Mehta, Austin "crashies" Roberts and Victor "Victor" Wong from VALORANT Champions 2022 finalists OpTic Gaming. Finally, NRG completed its 5-player roster by signing with former Fun Plus Phoenix player, 24-year-old Lithuanian Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks, who won the VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters - Copenhagen.

And Today, NRG announced that they have completed their roster by signing former T1 player thwifo as the 6th player.

Starting his VALORANT career in XSET, thwifo later transferred to T1. According to our data, the American player has a 1.07 rating, 129.1 ADR and 1.13 KD rate. Although thwifo could not take part in any S-tier tournament throughout his career, he is shown among the promising players as a 20-year-old young player.

NRG current roster:

United StatesSam "s0m" OhCanadaPujan "FNS" MehtaUnited StatesAustin "crashies" RobertsUnited StatesVictor "Victor" WongLatviaArdis "ardiis" SvarenieksUnited StatesZander "thwifo" KimUnited StatesChet "Chet" Singh (Head Coach)


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