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Renegades release Nurfed, recruit retrQ

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Renegades jumped into the competitive world of VALORANT back in the middle of July, signing of the entire lineup of amateur squad Big Frames. Since then, they haven’t found incredible success with the team, winning only 35% of their matches, standing at 7 wins and 13 losses. Their placements in the latest tournaments were rather disappointing as well, finishing 9th-12th in the FaZe Clan VALORANT Invitational and 7th-8th in the 30Bomb: Summer Cup - 2020. That’s why they’ve decided to make some changes to the roster, releasing Jimmy "nurfed" McFadden.

James “nurfed" McFadden has an average of 191 ACS, 0.83 KD, and 0.62 KPR across all the events he participated in. None of these statistics are impressive per se, but he had several exceptional performances against Bloom and both of Renegades matchups with Complexity in the 30Bomb: Summer Cup and the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational. Changes had to be made to turn the team’s losing trend around, and the decision came to let him go.

The player will be replaced by Alexander "retrQ" Kadan, a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional. The American won the Underwatch 2019 title playing for Stay Frosty, in addition to several respectable finishes in other competitions. He placed 3rd-4th in the ECS Season 8 North America Pinnacle Cup Open Qualifier 4, 4th in the ESEA Advanced Season 32 North America, and 1st-2nd in the ESEA MDL Season 32 North America Relegation. All the aforementioned competitions were during his tenure with iNTACT.

He moved to VALORANT during its closed beta, and has competed in a number of tournaments since then. RetrQ was part of Intensity up until June, with which he won Valorant Sunday Showdown Week 6 and Fight Night Arena #3. He moved to Team Underrated, and came out victorious in Fight Night Arena #8 and the Pittsburgh Knights VALORANT Rumble. His performance with the team during the Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series guided them to an upset victory against T1, winning 14 to 12 on Split.

In addition to the announcement of a new player, Renegades welcomed also a coach, Justin “coachJ” Anzalone, who - similar to retrQ - was previously active on the CS:GO esports scene.

The first test for the Renegades’ roster will happen this weekend during the PULSE Series. Do you think the changes made to lineup will turn their results around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The current Renegades VALORANT roster is:

Chuck “Cp2" Proud Ryan “Winsum" Johns Devon “randyySavage" Bréard Stephen “Berghy" Bergh Alexander “retrQ” Kadan

Justin “coachJ” Anzalone (Coach)


full guerilla tactics roster including coach? just letting the homies eat i guess lol

well until the matchfixing report comes out
2020-09-09 21:55
why list the removed players stats if two other players on RNG did worse. also this isn't this teams first time as this 5. They lost groups in an igntion event with retrq and then just recently lost the nerdstreet tournament to a unsigned team that doesn't even qualify for ignition series events. this roster is buns.
2020-09-09 22:01
Kinda expected since I'm guessing a lot of MDL matchfixers will be being released. C4lypso is basically confirmed. I mean isn't it ironic you stop tweeting the night of the accusations and rarely play with current MDL/T1 pros in ranked anymore even after playing with them so much?

We got around 3 weeks until the official report so we will see, but they at least could've made it a little less conspicuous.
2020-09-10 01:03
nrufed only played one game in the last 18 months, zellsis mispoke and apologized for him

c4lypso played with riko. there are clips of shanks/marved/poised throwing rounds.
retrq was on recon 5 and they were on the list zellsis mentioned with carson and oderus so renegades might have signed someone theyll be dropping quickly
2020-09-10 03:57
i didnt play with them in mdl :P
2020-09-10 15:12
nor did i even even play with "Recon 5" i played with they were intact..
2020-09-10 15:13
investigations aren't even done, you have 0 proof and it's confirmed? weirdo
2020-09-10 11:38
If someone murdered 2 people, but no one has any proof, yet the dude who killed them moved to Mexico and dissappeared, there may be no proof, but it becomes obvious who did it. Same here, we know they are getting a punishment from ESIC or whoever controls MDL it's just a matter of time when it becomes official.

I bet on some MDL games so I have the right to be mad especially if one of these players are part of it.
2020-09-10 16:05
TenZ | Kurapika
PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO
2020-09-10 16:24
What proof do you have that they aren't matchfixing. Where is c4lypso now?
2020-09-21 21:46

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