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written by AashirAhmed December 6, 2021 at 9:20pm
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With the announcement of Joshua "steel" Nissan’s induction to T1, it seems that the rumors were true. When steel’s transfer from 100 Thieves was made official yesterday, many had speculated the ex-IGL to retain his role in the T1 roster. This news was made public through a tweet from T1 where David Denis, the head coach, formally introduced steel as their new IGL. steel also took the liberty of briefly describing his experience in the esports scene, which was followed by highlights of his best tournament performances to date. As teel mentioned in the video, this change was inspired by the team’s motivation to make VCT 2022 Champions.

After the game's initial beta release in June 2020, T1 was the one of the first notable organizations to enter Valorant. Its incredible lineup consisted of prominent CS:GO players Braxton "Brax" Pierce and Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham. With a combination of some of the best players available, their path to tournament victories had fewer obstacles as compared to most teams. They managed to constantly rank within ten in all tournaments they played in. However, due to several roster changes, the club was unable to achieve consistent success in 2021. Furthermore, Sam "DaZeD" Marine’s departure has resulted in T1 lacking an IGL, a problem which will hopefully resolve after steel's addition to the roster.

Joshua "steel" Nissan joined the 100 Thieves roster in the September of 2020 and was a significant member of the roster throughout First Strike NA events and the entire 2021 VCT, except in Last Chance Qualifiers where he replaced by Aaron "b0i" Thao before the event began. Prior to playing Valorant, he was a CSGO veteran involved with the likes of Ghost Gaming and Chaos Esports Club.

After this change, the T1 roster is as follows: United StatesTyler "Skadoodle" LathamUnited StatesTimothy "autimatic" TaUnited StatesRahul "curry" NemaniUnited StatesAnthony "dawn" HagopianUnited StatesZander "thwifo" KimCanadaJoshua "steel" Nissan


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