Team Heretics recruit nieSoW and head coach Tanizhq

written by Mandeep October 6, 2020 at 5:3pm
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After constant announcements by Team Heretics, the Spanish organization has filled out a great core to their VALORANT squad. Multiple sources also indicated that the roster would be filled out by Dustyn "niesoW" Durnas, Auni "AvovA" Chahade, and coach, Tanishq "Tanizhq" Sabharwal. Today’s announcements mark Tanizhq’s entry into the roster as the head coach and manager and nieSoW’s contract as a player for the lineup.

Tanizhq used to coach and manage many teams in Overwatch, starting as an analyst for Kungarna and NRG Esports. Coming into 2018, the Brit coached Netherlands’ Overwatch World Cup team and Finnish side, Team Gigantti. Staying over a year with the latter with a Contenders 2018 Season 3 win, Tanizhq moved over to becoming a manager with Montreal Rebellion, Overwatch League side Toronto Defiant’s academy team, before shifting into VALORANT.

He started out as the manager of IDDQD, qualifying for Solary Cup and finishing top eight in the first Mandatory Cup. He quickly moved over to coaching for Mattistack, coming top eight at Trovo Challenge - Europe and Rise of Titans with them. He then went over to coaching with Inferno, helping them reach top sixteen at Mandatory.GG Cup but unfortunately dropping out completely in the groups of LVL VALORANT Clash 2.

“The roster is insane, we took our time to make it, didn't want to rush and end up dropping players like we're seeing a lot of NA orgs and even NiP in EU do. We decided to focus on trialling players rather than just grinding small tournaments, and the break between the last Ignition Series and the First Strike qualifiers allowed us to do that exceptionally well,” stated Tanizhq to THESPIKE.GG.

nieSoW is a German up and comer into the scene. He is most known for his ban and multiple appeals in Battalion 1944. Prior to his ban, he played major tournaments, including a top eight at Blitzkrieg Masters 2018 and multiple European Blitzkrieg Battles, even winning the fourth installment.

He has joined VALORANT to start a new slate, being first spotted when he played with Mattistack in Rise of Titans, Trovo Challenge - Europe, and Wave Esports Invitational Cup - S1, reaching top eight in all of them. nieSoW also played alongside Orgless in Mandatory.GG Cup, where many watched his aggressive Cypher for the first time. He has made a recent transition into Sova for LVL VALORANT Clash 2, managing to maintain a 216 ACS, 1.06 KD, and a crazy 152.4 ADR.

“Our expectations going forward are to be top 1 in EU, nothing less. Currently I'd say were top 5 and with a lot of grinding and hard work we can build on our base to push up the ladder. The reason we're gonna succeed is due to having people who are not only mechanical gods, but understand the game in the same way and at a higher level than most teams. People already know loWel and nukkye from CS, and while pAura and nieSoW are unknown, everyone is gonna remember their name soon enough as well,” added Tanizhq.

The two additions to the roster now makes Team Heretics one of the most scary squads to currently exist. With a lot of hype behind them, we will have to see how they perform in First Strike. The roster is set to debut in tomorrow’s LVP - Genesis Cup Fuego against Giants.

Team Heretics’ currently announced roster is:

Spain Christian "loWel" Garcia Antoran Turkey Melih "pAura" Karaduran Lithuania Žygimantas "nukkye" Chmieliauskas Germany Dustin "nieSoW" Durnas United Kingdom Tanishq "Tanizhq" Sabharwal (Head Coach/Manager)

With sources stating the roster will is to be finished by:

Denmark Auni "AvovA" Chahade


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