VCT International Leagues Rankings Update (May 16)

written by EnKay May 17, 2023 at 3:13pm
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We are nearing the end of the VCT International Leagues as VCT Pacific have wrapped up its Group Stage and the Playoffs bracket is all set. VCT EMEA and VCT Americas have one more round of matches ahead before the two Leagues also transition to the Playoffs. With Masters Tokyo and VALORANT Champions in Los Angeles on the line, expect the competition to be fierce.

With the release of our revamped ranking system, we have updated our ranking to reflect the most recent results from all three Leagues. Make sure to find out more about our new THESPIKE.GG ranking system and what we have in store for the future in terms of how rankings are done.

Here are the top 10 teams, the changes in the ranking, and biggest takeaways from the top 10 teams.

THESPIKE VCT International Leagues Rankings update (May 16)

The top 10 Ranking of VCT International League teams
The top 10 Ranking of VCT International League teams

Fnatic remain undefeated

It's May, 2023 and Fnatic are yet to lose a match this VCT season. With their most recent wins all being 2-0s, including their last outing against Karmine Corp, Fnatic can be the only VCT International League team to go through the Group Stage with a perfect score sheet. The issue is, [Natus Vincere is the team they have to beat in the last match of the Group Stage]. Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow's NAVI will certainly give it their all to finally take down the titan that Fnatic have emerged to be.

LOUD and DRX VS suffer first defeats but retain their spots

LOUD and DRX have been just as flawless as Fnatic in their respective Group Stages, putting the teams up on the podium. However, LOUD saw their first defeat at the hands of NRG Esports while DRX VS got humbled by Team Secret. Nevertheless, both teams have been exceptional thus far this season and are surely big contenders to be lifting a trophy; be it at Masters Tokyo, or VALORANT Champions in Los Angeles later this season.

Paper Rex and 100 Thieves climb

Paper Rex have finished the VCT Pacific League in second place. The team really got their act together following a 2-0 loss to DRX VS, mounting on a phenomenal streak of 5 wins straight, most of them being 2-0 dubs. This propelled them to go from 8th to 7th in our ranking.

Meanwhile, 100 Thieves lands themselves at 4th in the VCT Americas League. The last few matches saw a mixed bag of results from the NA team. And yet, victories against FURIA and Leviatan see the team rise in the rankings, while the two teams teams they won against see a decrease in their placements. 100 Thieves' next match is against mibr and it will be crucial for the NA side to grab the victory if they wish to attend Playoffs.

Leviatan in trouble

With Leviatan's opening 4 matches in the League being mostly a success, out of their 4 most recent matches, they only saw a victory against KRU Esports. The rest have been all losses, including their latest matchup against Cloud9. This has led the Chilean side to drop to spot #8 in our Rankings while Paper Rex takes their spot. The team will most likely fall out of top 10 if they do not make the playoffs. With LOUD being their final opponent of the VCT Americas Group Stage, it's safe to say that odds are stacked against them.

Make sure to check out our full VCT International Leagues Rankings with all 30 teams and how they are placed as we inch closer to the Playoffs!

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