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    • NA Player Spotlight: Evil Genius' Alexander "jawgemo" Mor
      NA Player Spotlight: Evil Genius' Alexander "jawgemo" MorWe are now only a weekend away from the conclusion of the Group Stages of VCT 2022 - North America - Stage 2 - Main Event. As you might be aware from our re...
      United States over 1 year ago
    • North American roster movement
      North American roster movementAs expected after the release of the VCT 2022 structure for the NA region, several teams have started the task of finalizing their roster. The following art...
      North America almost 2 years ago
    • T1 re-establish academy team
      T1 re-establish academy teamThe T1 Academy roster that T1 was hinting at during the signing of ANS has been announced. The roster will consist of ANS, ASSERT, dawn, Eshotz, and HILTON....
      United States over 2 years ago
    • Dignitas add ryann and rara
      Dignitas add ryann and raraAfter trialing the players for all the VALORANT Champions Tour events North America has seen so far, Dignitas have officially announced the signing of ryann...
      United States almost 3 years ago

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