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Last UpdatedAugust 29, 2023 at 09:30AM
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According to the latest announcement Douglas "dgzin" Silva and FURIA have parted ways. Now, the Brazilian player is a free agent and is looking for a new organization to play for next year.

After an unsuccessful season, FURIA are looking to make roster changes ahead of the VCT 2024 season. Yesterday, the organization announced the departure of dgzin, an important part of the roster. Currently, there are many rumors flying around, but we still don’t know who will be filling his place on the active roster.

Dgzin played for FURIA during VCT Americas League 2023

FURIA was one of the partnered teams at VCT 2023 Americas League and the grind started in their home country, Brazil. FURIA didn’t make the best start to the season after placing 13th-16th at VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Sao Paulo. Despite taking down T1 in the opening round, FURIA lost to the later tournament champions Fnatic in the second round. Dgzin finished the opening round with a 1.36 rating and he had a 1.03 rating against Fnatic in the second round. It was the only international appearance FURIA made this year as they finished Americas Leagued at sixth and failed to qualify for VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo or VALORANT Champions 2023. After a disappointing season, the organization decided to make roster changes, and dgzin left the roster yesterday.

Despite the unsuccessful results, dgzin looked pretty good in many games throughout the season, and the Brazilian Duelist fought until the end with Jett in his hands. In the last six months, dgzin played 33 games and picked 27 times. His other picks were Neon, Chamber, and Raze. He held a 1.07 rating on Jett and a 136.3 ADR on top of his 1.10 K/D.

Here is the FURIA roster that we watched last year:

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