FURIA and qck part ways

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Last UpdatedAugust 29, 2023 at 07:23PM
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FURIA announced the second departure of the day and parted ways with Gabriel "qck" Lima. Earlier today, dgzin left the organization, and now the Brazilian organization misses two spots. FURIA is looking to build a new roster for the upcoming season as these departures signal a new core.

Qck is the second player to leave FURIA today

FURIA didn’t have the best performance throughout the 2023 season. The organization got accepted to the partnership league and finished VCT 2023 Americas League at fifth place with four wins and five losses. Qck was an important piece of the lineup in FURIA’s road to playoffs. After taking down Leviatán in the first round, FURIA couldn’t keep it up with LOUD and then got swept to NRG Esports in the lower bracket. That was the last game of the season for the Brazilian team as they were eliminated.

FURIA still had a chance to represent Americas at Champions 2023, but their Americas 2023 LCQ run ended pretty early. They failed to show their strength against KRÜ Esports, and the season ended pretty early for them.

Qck is sitting at a 1.02 rating since the beginning of his career. After getting eliminated in the regional tournament, FURIA decided not to play the LCQ games with qck and the season ended even earlier for him. On top of his rating, qck also holds a 215.2 ACS and a 1.06 K/D.

This is the second departure news coming from FURIA today. First, the organization parted ways with dgzin, and now qck is the second player to leave the organization. Looks like FURIA are looking to build a new team with a new core, but there is still more time till the 2024 season starts.

Here is the VCT 2023 roster that FURIA competed with this year:

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