jcStani and ec1s feature in Maryville University's new roster

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Last UpdatedAugust 11, 2023 at 09:50PM
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The Tier 2 VALORANT scene has undergone a significant transformation with the advent of International Leagues in VCT 2023 fueled by the concerted efforts of Tournament Organizers dedicated to its advancement. Notably, their focus has encompassed engaging collegiate teams and constructing a viable pathway to the grand stage. As the dust settles on the regional Challengers leagues for VCT 2023 and the future course takes shape within the esports community, Maryville University has emerged with a fresh lineup primed to make waves in the Collegiate circuit, all while participating in upcoming Challengers events during the forthcoming VCT season.

Maryville University unveils collegiate roster

Maryville's new roster comprises a select group of seasoned VALORANT professionals who have already earned a reputation in the scene, with the most noteworthy of them being Noah "jcStani" Smith and Adam "ec1s" Eccles. jcStani was an integral part of Kansas City Pioneers's active lineup, contributing his talents since November 2020. However, the Valorant esports sphere witnessed a seismic shift during the initial weeks of VCT 2022 when 100 Thieves orchestrated an unprecedented roster overhaul. Remarkably, jcStani found himself among the duo loaned to other teams within a mere 24-hour span. Unfortunately, this constellation did not yield significant triumphs, leading him to pivot to Gen.G Esports, where he remained for the duration of VCT 2022. Subsequently, his journey led him to Team Fish Taco for VCT 2023 in pursuit of Challengers league qualification, yet these aspirations remained elusive.

One of the players that jcStani replaced at 100 Thieves was none other than ec1s, his current teammate. ec1s had been introduced to the 100 Thieves roster prior to the VCT 2022 season, but the roster failed to produced results enforcing the change. He subsequently changed his destination to HEET to compete at VRL 2022 Northern Europe: Polaris Stage 2. ec1s' last competed under the Velocity Gaming roof at VALORANT Challengers 2023: South Asia Split 1 and Split 2, but Velocity failed to get past the group stage. Additional luminaries within this compelling lineup include Ethan "Crunchy" Laker, whose history includes engagements with MAMMOTH Esports Club and an independent showing at VCT 2023 - Challengers League Oceania - Split 1 , as well as Timothy "ZK" Ly who most noticeably played for Moon Raccoons in the latter half of 2022 and early 2023. With this announcement, the Maryville University roster is as follows:

United States Noah "jcStani" Smith Brazil Adam "ec1s" Eccles Australia Ethan "Crunchy" Laker United States SwayZ United States Timothy "ZK" Ly United States A1D

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