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Agents of VALORANT: Sage

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The meta is beginning to be set in stone as we continue our journey through the closed beta of VALORANT. One of the most influential characters in the meta currently is Sage (China). Sage is the only specific healing character, so she is almost a must pick for top teams. She also has a lot of utility in her kit that slows the opposing team quite a bit. We are about to break down her abilities for you in this week's Agents of VALORANT.

Healing Orb {E}

This is the most important ability Sage has when it comes to being a support character. When used, an orb is equipped that allows Sage players to heal themselves or their teammates. Use “mouse1” while hovering over a teammate to heal them almost immediately. Use “mouse2” to initiate a self-heal that will heal slower over time. Sage can heal a teammate from 7hp to 100hp in a matter of a few seconds.

Barrier Orb {C}

Allows Sage to create a massive wall that is impossible to pass unless the opposing players or teammates shoot the wall and break it. This ability is especially powerful as Sage and her teammates can be boosted by the wall, giving access to new angles. This is a very good way to block the line of sight of the enemy team. In situations needing a last second Spike defusal, a Sage can place a barrier orb and execute the defusal before the enemy team has a chance to stop it. When used, an indicator pops up on the screen, and players can see where they are going to place the wall. The Barrier Orb can be rotated by 180% if you click “C” twice and with “mouse2” you can rotate it even further at a specific angle you want. This is an ability where a player needs to be proactive as they bring up the ability.

Slow Orb {Q}

This is a very important ability that Sage players will need to master. The Slow Orb is an object thrown on the ground that creates a field in which opposing players and teammates are slowed in. This has been an ability that the Riot Games dev team has made some important balancing changes on. The most important change is that enemies and teammates are no longer slowed by 65%, but rather 50%. The mechanics of throwing the orb is similar to the Phoenix Hot Hands ability, so there is some arch that needs to be compensated for when throwing. This is a great ability for slowing opponent pushes, creating choke points, and cutting off enemy flanks.

Resurrection {Z}

This is an extremely powerful ability that allows Sage players to resurrect teammates to full health. There is an initial animation so players can’t be resurrected immediately, but in tight situations, the ability is very useful. In the late part of a round especially, the Resurrection ability allows players to even out what could be a 1v5 or 1v4. This also should be used proactively as there is an animation so Sage players can be caught in a vulnerable position if reviving someone in the open.

Sage is very clearly a major part of the meta as players at the highest level require her to be in their line-up. With the recent balancing changes, we will see what Sage can do as players become more innovative while pairing Agent abilities together. VALORANT is shaping up to be one of the most tactically intense games of the year, if not the decade.

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