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You’re sick of seeing the spectator screen. You’ve run out of creative swear words to express your FFS fragged-again frustration 🤬 You’re looking for some tips to improve your VALORANT experience. Buddy… you’ve found the right site.

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Last UpdatedSeptember 6, 2023 at 04:24PM
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Welcome to your hub for all the top ways to get better at VALORANT.

We’re laying out all the tips and tricks you need to become a champion.

Here you’ll find everything from crosshair tips and thrifty tips to a rundown of fundamentals like how to appear offline, check VALORANT hours and purchase history, or sign out.

You’ll also find content covering elements of ranked and pro play, where we answer questions like if Lotus is in competitive.

If you’re looking for VALORANT tips, tricks, advice, and best practices – you’re in the right place.

“Are those our enemies? Huh. This won't take long.”

Zyanya “Reyna” Mondragón

Who needs tips anyway?

VALORANT agent Reyna posing against purple background As a team-based tactical FPS, VALORANT is almost alien territory to anyone but diehard CS:GO stans. To win big, you’ll need help. (our help, to be precise and oh-so-humble). Whether you’re set on rising to the ranks of Immortal or even the godly heights of Radiant, or you’re a novice dreaming of staying alive for more than five seconds, we’ve got you covered, agent. This page is your launchpad to all the tips, tricks, and strategic bits you need to start acing VALORANT on the regular. It’s time to make sharp corners, tight angles, and unique plays your best friends, not the stuff of nightmares.

Together, we’ll raise your rank, crank your gameplay skills up to the next level, and set you on the path that only champions tread ?

Tips for newbies…

Beginners! Take heart – VALORANT has a steep learning curve, but we’ll make a head-popping clutch machine out of you yet!

From basic fundamentals to vital mechanics, and rookie errors to avoid, our VALORANT tips and tricks will walk you through everything from using whispering to up your strategic comms to what the chuff ADR is and why it’s so mission critical to any player’s improvement.

…and tips for regulars

Even if you’ve already mastered the basics, a refresher can never hurt. You’d be amazed how often titans fall on hard times when they think they’re above the little things.

Say it with us now – we can always be better.

“To know everything is to know nothing, but to know nothing is to know everything.”


Simply the best VALORANT tips

Looking for a crash course in the basics? Put the blue paint and white hat down, ‘cause here’s the real lowdown on smurfing. Wondering how many games can you squeeze into your lunch break? Then you’ll need all the temporal VALORANT tips you can get.

Think you need aim advice? Oh, we can teach you how to aim better – but what if your problem isn’t aiming? What if it’s lag due to a high ping? Let’s clear that ping right up for you, sunshine.

What on Alpha Earth is this mythical raw input buffer, and why do legends claim it can improve your accuracy and minimize lag? You won’t need VP to crack open these goods.

How can changing the enemy color turn you into an MVP champion? Don’t mind if we do.

Is using Raw Accel a bannable offense? We wouldn’t leave you in the lurch on such important intel!

The links you’ve seen here are a mere taste of the VALORANT tips and tricks we’ve gathered to help any player of any level improve their playing chops.

Check out our full range of VALORANT tips posts below.

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