Players that carve out a spot in the VALORANT hall of fame have two things: killer aim and a kickass name. Whether you want to wipe away your noob-name and craft a triumphant new persona worthy of fame and glory, or it’s just time to refresh your gaming experience, this page is here to help make it so…
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Welcome to your hub for all things VALORANT names, where we’ve collected every shred of naming-related content for your convenience.

Here you’ll find things like:

  • Tips to create a strong name.
  • Single and matching name examples.
  • VALORANT’s name rules and restrictions.
  • How to rename, hide, and unhide your name.
  • How to add symbols and special characters to your name.

“No one will remember them.”

Sabine "Viper" Callas

Tips for cool names in VALORANT

There’s a lot of pressure when you create your first username – we’ve all been there. But creating a unique, eye-catching name others will admire doesn’t have to be a Herculean challenge.

Sure, you could use a random name generator to whip you up a “quirky” new name. But trust us, creating your own epic name in VALORANT is as satisfying as popping a perfect long-distance headshot.

These tips should help you create your own unforgettable name:

  1. Make people laugh and they’ll remember you forever.
  2. Draw from pop culture – characters from movies, TV, books, etc.
  3. Keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate it.
  4. Make it visual and vivid – a name that paints a picture.
  5. Map out associations between your ideas to connect your thoughts and get creative.
  6. Write down every idea you get, and come up with as many as you can.

Chew over your ideas until you find a name that feels right and sounds awesome. And if in doubt, just go for it – change your name, play some games, and see how it feels.

When compliments, infamy, or belly laughs start rolling in, you’ve probably found a winner.

Sometimes the best name isn’t what you’d expect it to be.

VALORANT name examples

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best names we’ve come across in VALORANT – hopefully some might spark some ideas!

  • Headhunter
  • BadKarma
  • Clutchnoob
  • Ironmansnap
  • CantTouchThis
  • CheckMate
  • HeadshotHomie
  • John Wick’s Dog
  • Heisenberg
  • IAmNotYourFather
  • KillJoyous
  • BrimstoneBBQ
  • GrenadeGary
  • DoubleKillDerek
  • Alucard
  • Kratos
  • DodgeThis
  • IAmGroot
  • FragFrenzy
  • SoggySausage
  • Thunderstruck
  • EcoFragger
  • SageWaifu
  • HereComesTheParty

Or look to your favorite streamers for inspiration – you can’t go wrong there!

Matching names

Be warned: hit the maps with matching names and people will either think you’re cuter than a wide-eyed puppy or cringier than a… really cringey thing. It’s polarizing, and adorbs. Use matching names at your own risk.

Popular combos in food, literature, cinema, TV and the like tend to work well…

  • Yin -- Yang
  • French Fries -- Ketchup
  • Mac -- Cheese
  • Left Twix -- Right Twix
  • Dumb -- Dumber
  • Batman -- Robin
  • Tweedledum -- Tweedledee
  • Ariel -- Eric
  • Tramp -- Lady
  • Shaggy -- Scooby
  • Joker -- Harley

Or just get whacky:

  • I fingerpaint -- Paint
  • Emo Girl -- Emo Boy
  • I’m with Stupid -- Stupid
  • Her Bath -- His Toaster
  • Bubbles -- I blow Bubbles

Or go for some VALORANT-specific choices:

  • Her Jett -- His Sage
  • His Reyna -- Her Sage
  • Boombot -- Alarmbot
  • ICarryHer -- ICarryHim
  • HerVandal -- HisPhantom
valorant agents
valorant agents

VALORANT names 101

You’re not alone if the first name you thought of when you jumped into VALORANT as a fresh-faced newbie isn’t the name you want to stick with.

Thankfully, switching display names isn’t hard, but there are some rules and best practices you’ve got to know.


VALORANT names come from your Riot ID and have some rules to adhere to.

Name length restrictions:

  • Names must be at least 3 letters long – no 2-letter names.
  • Names can’t be more than 16 letters long.
  • Taglines must be between 3 and 5 letters long.

You can't include any of these words in your name:

  • Riot
  • Offensive language

Essentially, anything inappropriate is off-limits. Riot has clear terms of what falls into this category.

How to rename in VALORANT

Selecting your display name in VALO is both free and easy. Here’s how:

Riot login to rename VALORANT1. Close VALORANT.

2. Open Riot and log in.

3. Open the Riot ID tab (left side of the screen).

4. Click the pen icon next to your username.

5. Type in your new name.

6. (optional) Type in a unique tagline.

7. Click "Save Changes."

8. Relaunch the game.

It may be free to change your name, but you can only do it once a month, so choose carefully.

When switching your VALORANT name, you can use letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and special characters. The easiest way to add symbols is to copy/paste them – check out our list below for some of the coolest symbols for your names.

Taglines can only include letters and numbers.

It’s possible to have the same name as other players, but those with duplicate names will have a different hashtag to tell them apart.

Hide and unhide your name

There’s many reasons you might want to turn off your name in VALORANT. Whether it’s stopping people sniping your stream or being as secretive as a spy in training after an embarrassingly long string of losses (hey, it happens!), hiding your name in-game is pretty easy goings.

**Here's how to hide yours: **

  1. Launch VALORANT.
  2. Open the in-game Settings menu.
  3. In the General tab, scroll down to the Privacy settings.
  4. Activate the option “Hide my name from players outside my party”.
  5. (optional) Activate the option “Use generic names for players outside my party”.

Congrats, you just made your name private!

It’ll appear as “me” from your POV. Other VALORANT players will see your name as Player 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 during agent selection, and as your chosen agent’s name in-game.

Blank name – achieved ✅

But hiding your name isn’t always enough to stop stream snipers though.

That’s what the optional second setting is for. This adds another layer of player name hiding which conceals everyone’s names so viewers will only see their agent names, not their usernames.

VALORANT privacy settings to hide name

Turning both these options on is the only way you can guarantee that no one outside your party can see your name in VALORANT.

If/when you want to remove this invisible name setting, just deactivate both these options to unhide your name.

Names with symbols and special characters

How do you use symbols to get any VALORANT name you want? It’s easy – copy/paste them in.

With symbols and special characters, you’ll probably find it easiest to design your name in a word doc then copy the completed name into Riot when setting your new name.

Use a symbol list like this and copy the ones you like best…

  • Σ
  • Φ
  • α
  • Ж
  • ф
  • Ω
  • Ø
  • ω
  • ξ

To get the best name, you might need to get creative with how you blend symbols, spaces, and letters.

Some players are satisfied with a cool biohazard or Yin Yang symbol adding a little flair to their name. Others aren’t happy with just any name and symbol combo, and don’t stop tinkering until they hit on a uniquely creative display.

The choice is yours, Agent.

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