Whether you’re trying to figure out what that fish skin Sheriff that fragged your a$% last match was or you’re looking for the best VALORANT skins resource in town, we’re here to give you what you need.
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You’re mad about VALO’s skins, and so are we. You can’t get enough of them, and neither can we. And that’s exactly why we made this page…

Welcome to your hub for all things VALORANT skins, where we’ve collected all our skin content for your convenience.

Jealous of that dragon skin Vandal you’ve spied in other agents’ hands? Wondering what’s the deal with that freaky demon-faced green smoke-blowin’ skin? Or are you just a skin junkie whose dreams and waking thoughts never stop swirling around all those gorgeous skins in VALORANT? (hey, we’ve all been there!)

Here you’ll find things like…

  • All the need-to-know VALO skin basics.
  • Skin tier pricing info.
  • What the best skins are.
  • What the rarest skins are.
  • Which skins you can bag for free.
  • Which the most popular skins are.
  • Skin lists for the most popular weapons.

We’ll even make it easy for you to browse your favorites – only interested in checking out those badass Vandal skins? Got an eye for a kickass new knife skin? Prefer a jazzed-up new Phantom skin for your collection and need a hand picking the best?

Then you’re in the right place, agent.

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Klara “Killjoy” Böhringer

VALO skins 101

VALORANT skins are in-game cosmetics that alter the appearance of your guns and melee weapons. There are at least 672 different skins in VALORANT right now, but Riot Games regularly releases patches that add new skins to the store.

These skins are considered one of the biggest attractions of VALORANT, right alongside the unique abilities of each agent. They give players a way to express their style, but they’re not just a pretty shell.

Skin upgrades

Some VALO skins are upgradable, changing the VFX, SFX, animations, and finishers each gun treats you to. To upgrade your weapon skins, you’ll need to spend Radianite Points (which you earn through Battle Pass challenges).

Between how upgraded a skin is, the limited-time availability of some rarer skins, and the pure skill it takes to grind enough to add some to your collection, skins in VALORANT are more than just aesthetic – they’re a status symbol.

Some skins = instant respect.

Unlocking VALORANT skins

You can unlock new skins in a few ways:

  • Buy them from the in-game store with VALORANT Points (VP).
  • Buy them from Agent Rewards with Kingdom Credits.
  • Earn them through Battle Pass challenges on the paid track.

You have to spend real-world money to get VP and to get onto the Battle Pass paid track. You earn Kingdom Credits through regular gameplay, but you can only buy a limited selection of gun skins with them.

You can’t buy just any skin in the store at any time though. VALORANT’s store rotates its stock every 24 hours, and you can only buy skins currently on sale.

Riot has a refund policy for skins, but there are some specific terms.

The store also features longer-lasting stock – skin bundles (see below).

Skin lines

When Riot releases new skin designs, you’ll often find those skins available for four to five different weapons. It’s pretty rare to find a design only for one weapon, but it does happen now and then.

You can buy these skin bundles cheaper than if you bought every skin in the bundle individually. As with individual skins though, you can only buy a bundle that’s currently on sale.

Skin tiers

Skins in VALORANT are ranked by a tier system. You can spot which tier a skin belongs to through its tier symbol.

Ultra Edition
Symbol: yellow diamond

  • Individual skin cost: 2475 VP (roughly $25)
  • Skin bundle cost: 9900 VP (roughly $100)

Exclusive Edition
Symbol: orange pentagon

  • Individual skin cost: 2175 - 2675 VP (between $25 – $30)
  • Skin bundle cost: 8700 – 10700 VP (between $85 – $100)

Premium Edition
Symbol: pink triangle

  • Individual skin cost: 1775 VP (roughly $20)
  • Skin bundle cost: 7100 VP (roughly $70)

Deluxe Edition
Symbol: green rhombus

  • Individual skin cost: 1275 VP (roughly $15)
  • Skin bundle cost: 5100 VP (roughly $50)

Select Edition
Symbol: blue circle

  • Individual skin cost: 875 VP (roughly $10)
  • Skin bundle cost: 2930 – 3500 VP (between $30 and $35)

How to browse skins

Players browse skins in two ways: skins for a particular weapon, or a specific design.

Some want to see every skin VALORANT has to offer, others are on the lookout for specific Sheriff skins, Guardian skins, or Ghost skins. Others still come looking exclusively for VALO’s Oni skins or Infantry skins.

The choice is yours, and we’re here to make finding the skin need easier than fragging a lone AFK agent.

You’ll find every VALORANT skin line detailed in our comprehensive gun skins post, but we’ll give you a quick rundown of the fan favorites and their skins here too.

You’ll find our full content catalog super useful if you’re looking for a skin for a specific weapon, but here’s a list of the most popular weapons and all the skins you can get for each:

VALORANT Magepunk Vandal skins

Vandal skins

The Vandal is hands-down the most popular gun in VALORANT. There are currently 55 Vandal skins, not including the default skin. These skins include fan-favorite designs like Oni, Forsaken, Ion, and Elderflame (aka the dragon skin).

ElderflameAraxysChampions 2021Champions 2023ChronoVoid
Glitchpop 2.0ImperiumPrelude to ChaosRGX 11z ProSentinels of Light
Gaia’s VengeanceIon 2.0Magepunk 3.0NeptuneOni 2.0
OriginPrimeReaverTethered RealmsVALORANT Go! Vol 2
No LimitsNunca OlvidadosSakuraSarmadSilvanus
Team AceTitanmailWastelandWinterwunderlandEndeavour
LuxePrism IISensation.EXEHivemind
SchemaLycan’s Bane.SYSImmortalizedStarlit Odyssey


Melee skins

VALORANT has a mighty 85 knife skins to modify your melee experience. Some remain simple knives, but many skins transform the melee weapon into more exciting knife variants like the karambit and butterfly knife. You’ll even find the occasional sword, scythe, and hammer in these melee skins (plus one uniquely gorgeous katana – thank you Oni skins!)

Radiant Entertainment SystemSpectrumElderflameProtocol 781-AAraxys
BlastXChampions 2021Champions 2022Champions 2023ChronoVoid
GlitchpopGlitchpop 2.0IgniteImperiumNeo Frontier
Prelude to ChaosRGX 11z ProRGx 11z Pro 2.0RuinationSentinels of Light
SingularityVCT LOCK//INBlack.MarketCelestialCrimsonbeast
CryostasisEgoForsakenGaia’s VengeanceG.U.N
IonIon 2.0MagepunkMagepunk 2.0Magepunk 3.0
NebulaNeptuneOniOni 2.0Origin
PrimePrime 2.0Radiant Crisis 001ReaverReaver 2.0
ReconSoulstrifeSovereignSplineTethered Realms
UndercityVALORANT GO! Vol 1VALORANT GO! Vol 2XenohunterAbyssal
AltitudeKohaku & MatsubaLunaNo LimitsNunca Olvidados
HivemindRuinOutpostPrism IIISongsteel
.SYSTask Force 809Piedra del SolVenturiTilde

VALORANT Magepunk Phantom skins

Phantom skins

Though not as popular as the Vandal, the Phantom also has 55 skins. Much like the Vandal, you’ll find Phantom skins for the most popular lines such as the Oni, Spectrum, Ion, Minima, and Smite designs.

Radiant Entertainment SystemSpectrumProtocol 781-ABlastXChampions 2022
ChronoVoidGlitchpop 2.0Neo FrontierRGX 11z Pro 2.0Ruination
SingularityCelestialDoodle BudsIonMagepunk 3.0
NebulaOniPrime 2.0Radiant Crisis 001Reaver 2.0
ReconSoulstrifeSplineUndercityVALORANT GO! Vol 1
XenohunterAbyssalAvalancheKohaku & MatsubaMinima
PrismSarmadSilvanusSnowfallTeam Ace
ArtisanAeroVelocityHue ShiftTask Force 809
Piedra del Sol9 LivesTopotekBoundComposite

VALORANT Arcane Sheriff skins

Sheriff skins

The 6-shooter Sheriff often surfaces as a fan-favorite sidearm. While there are only 33 Sheriff skins available (not counting agent-specific designs, you’ll find plenty of popular skin lines here, like Ion, Minima, and the ultra-rare Arcane skin.

Protocol 781-AArcaneChronoVoidNeo FrontierSentinels of Light
SingularityCrimsonbeastIonMagepunk 2.0Nebula
SakuraSilvanusWastelandConvexPrism II
Varnish.SYSImmortalizedIridian ThornSignature

VALORANT Spectrum Guardian skins

Guardian skins

There are currently 35 Guardian skins in total.

SpectrumRGX 11z ProRuinationEgoGaia’s Vengeance
Magepunk 2.0NebulaNeptuneOniPrime
ReaverReconSoulstrifeSovereignTethered Realms
VALORANT GO! Vol 1AbyssalGalleriaInfantryReverie
Starlit Odyssey9 LivesSignatureMoondashBlush

VALORANT Infantry Ghost skins

Ghost skins

There are currently 31 Ghost skins for this eternally popular sidearm (not including agent-specific designs.

Radiant Entertainment SystemRuinationEgoGaia’s VengeanceMagepunk
Reaver 2.0ReconSoulstrifeSovereignTethered Realms
VALORANT GO! Vol 1No LimitsPrismWinterwunderlandEndeavour
SpitfirePiedra del SolStarlit OdysseyTopotekDigihex

VALORANT Forsaken Classic skins

Classic skins

There are 32 Classic skins currently available, not including agent-specific designs.

SpectrumGlitchpop 2.0RGX 11z Pro 2.0Black.MarketCryostasis
ForsakenG.U.NPrimeRadiant Crisis 001Spline
UndercityVALORANT GO! Vol 2AvalancheLunaSakura
Red AlertSurgeInfinityPrism IIISongsteel
GoldwingStrikerShimmerPremiere Collision9 Lives

VALORANT Elderflame Operator skins

Operator skins

There are 38 Operator skins in total, including many popular designs like the dragon-like Elderflame, the WW2-inspired Infantry skins, the eerie Forsaken skins, and the futuristic Ion skin.

Radiant Entertainment SystemElderflameAraxysGlitchpop 2.0Prelude to Chaos
RGX 11z Pro 2.0Sentinels of LightCryostasisForsakenG.U.N
IonMagepunk 2.0OriginReaverSpline
Tethered RealmsVALORANT GO! Vol 2Kohaku & MatsubaMinimaPrism
SilvanusTeam AceTigrisEndeavourConvex
InfantryLuxeRed AlertAerosolCavalier
Iridian ThornTildeBlush

VALORANT Marshal luna skin

Marshal skins

Being the less favored sniper, there are fewer skins for the Marshal than the Op, with a total of 28 currently available, including the infamous Black.Market skin (aka VALORANT’s CS:GO skin.

Neo FrontierBlack.MarketCrimsonbeastDoodle BudsGaia’s Vengeance
PolyfrogSongsteelMonarchArtisanDivine Swine
Coalition: CobraTask Force 809Premiere CollisionRune StoneVenturi

VALORANT Prelude to Chaos Stinger skin

Stinger skins

The 26 Stinger skins you’ll find in VALORANT are:

Prelude to ChaosRGX 11z ProDoodle BudsEgoSovereign
AristocratPrismSakuraSilvanusPrism II
SensationCoutureRed AlertSurgeCavalier
DepthsVarnishSchemaLycan’s Bane.SYS

VALORANT Oni Ares skin

Ares skins

There are 30 Ares skins in the game.

Sentinels of LightSingularityCelestialDoodle BudsIon 2.0
Magepunk 2.0NebulaOni 2.0VALORANT GO! Vol 2Aristocrat
MinimaNunca OlvidadosPrismSakuraSnowfall
OutpostPolyfrogJigsawGoldwingDivine Swine
SpitfirePremiere Collision9 LivesMonstrocityDigihex

VALORANT RGX Frenzy skin

Frenzy skins

There are 28 Frenzy skins in VALORANT.

ElderflameBlastXGlitchpopRGX 11z ProCelestial
Ion 2.0Oni 2.0OriginPrime 2.0Xenohunter
HorizonNunca OlvidadosSarmadTeam AceTitanmail
AeroHydrodipDivine SwineCoalition: CobraTask Force 809

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