Agents of VALORANT: Sova

by BeanAnalysis 2020-05-14

There are very few Agents in VALORANT that are specifically meant to be intel gatherers. Sova (Russia) is one of those characters. With the versatility of his kit, Sova is able to show enemy positions, and do some damage with his arrows as well. This installment will cover everything you need to know to be the best bolt-slinging Sova main on the battlefield.

Recon Bolt {E}

A destructible bolt that Sova can shoot from his bow. Once in place, it sends sonar waves that will highlight anyone in its line of sight. Hold “mouse1” to charge up a longer shot, and “mouse2” to bounce the bolt off of walls. Players need to be aware that placement means everything. If a player shoots the arrow into the open, then it will immediately be taken out and the usefulness of this ability is hindered. But if the player lands the arrow above the heads of the enemy, while it’s not out of sight, it will provide much more information as the enemy team will take longer to destroy it. The sonar pulse highlights the enemies in a very bright red and yellow outline, so it is very easy to know where the enemy team is hiding when entering a site.

Owl Drone {C}

This is an insanely powerful ability. Sova is given a drone that detaches from his arm when activated. Allowing the player to be able to gather intel from wherever they are on the map. While in flight with the drone, the player can shoot a recon dart at an enemy. This won’t do any damage to the enemy, but for a short period of time, the enemy will be highlighted for a short duration of time. There is a cooldown so players must use it sparingly. One last thing to note is the fact that in the most recent patch, the Owl Drone was made to be louder so enemies and teammates can better identify where the drone is coming from. This does not, however, reduce the powerful intel one can gain from the drone.

Shock Bolt {Q}

This bolt is a lethal arrow that, when fired, creates a massive electrical shockwave that damages anyone inside the area of effectiveness (AOE). When an opponent is hit directly with the bolt, or they are in the center of the blast, they take a max of 90 damage. Like other abilities, the further one is from the center of the charge, the less damage they will take. There is also a reduced amount of damage for teammates. You can hold “mouse1” and charge up a shot that will travel further. A very interesting feature that is similar to the recon bolt, is that when you click the “mouse2” either once or twice, the bolt will bounce off of walls either one time or two times respectively.

Hunter’s Fury {Z}

This is an incredible ultimate ability, that compares to some of the top ultimates such as Brimstone. This isn’t necessarily an ultimate to secure frags, but more to gather intel. The player pulls up a bolt with an indicator on their minimap that shows how far the charge will go. The bolt can be shot through walls which makes it even more useful. When an opponent is hit with the charge, they will take 30 total damage. But when they are hit, they are highlighted for a short time letting the player and their teammates know the enemy location. During the ultimate, a player has 3 charges. There is a cooldown bar so a player can’t infinitely have Hunter’s Fury running the entire round. It is meant to be used as a quick way to gather intel, so be wary of the fact that players probably won’t secure a frag with the ultimate.

As anyone can see, Sova is a very powerful Agent that can be used at the highest levels to gather valuable info on the enemy team. Pair this with Cypher, and you can have all the intel you want about the other team.


dear sova, you're annoying when you combine your recon bolt and your hunter's fury.

sincerely a 'whatever my flag is' citizen
bombastikkkk 2020-05-15 07:39

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