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Azules Esports announce a VALORANT squad

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In spite of being a team that has not been on the scene that long, Azules Esports has the particular distinction of being the esports division of the Universidad de Chile football club, and this shows us the interest of the most popular sport in the region, soccer, in joining the world of esports. This the second time we’ve seen Azules Esports on the VALORANT esports scene. The organization participated in the 9z Invitationall where they used the roster that eventually ended up being picked up by Furious Gaming.

The team consists of captain Benjamin “Kraizzz” Arias Morales, Gustavo “curiKozaoo” Retamal, Ivan “ht” Gallardo Cabrera, José Patricio “L!nKz” Ortega Styles, and Eduardo “mta” Pavez Pérez to complete the team. Although all the players come from Counter-Strike, they had never played as a team, but all have important achievements in the region. They participated in the GamerClubs platform in leagues such as Liga Amadora, Liga Desafiante, and Liga Pro.

It is also worth mentioning that one of the players, Jose “L!nKz” Ortega, has just arrived in Chile after a successful stint with Isurus Gaming, playing in some of the most important tournaments in the Counter-Strike competitive scene. Throughout his career has stood out among the best players in the South America.

“We were looking at signing 5 individual players, perhaps sacrificing short term results but looking for success in the medium-long term. After a day of our applications being out, Kraizzzz contacted us by mail letting us know him and his roster’s interest in Azules. The truth is that they were a very attractive roster, there had L!nkz and Ht, players who have had great results in the competitive scene of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We decided to schedule a meeting and see what happened. After the meeting, we knew that they were a very talented team, and with Helior, the Esports Manager of Azules, we were analyzing what would be our best chance at success. We decided to adapt our work plan and support this team.” Diego Alegre Rocha, the manager of Azules Esports VALORANT division, explained to THESPIKE.GG.

Recently, Azules Esports participated in their first official tournament with the new squad, the Nimo Invitational, where they reached the semifinals and lost to Undead Gaming, another of the region's top teams.

The official competitive schedule for LATAM has been set, and the organizations are signing the remaining teams. We will only have to see who will be the ones to win glory in Latin America.

Azules Esports roster consists of:

Benjamin “Kraizzz” Arias Morales Gustavo “curiKozaoo” Retama Valenzuela Ivan “ht” Gallardo Cabrera José Patricio “L!nKz” Ortega Styles Eduardo “mta” Pavez Pérez

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