Shopify Rebellion Female upset Guild X, Team Liquid BR pick up first win

written by ArmandVanHelden November 16, 2022 at 11:9pm
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The second day of VCT GC 2022 - Championship hosted a great competition between EMEA, NA, East Asia, and Brazil. At the end of the day, Shopify Rebellion Female upset the EMEA champion Guild X and Team Liquid BR took down FENNEL Hotelava. Here is everything you need to know about VCT Game Changers 2022 Championship Day 2!

Shopify Rebellion Female vs Guild X

The first match of the day welcomed the NA Finalist Shopify Rebellion Female and the EMEA winner Guild X roster. SRF picked Pearl as the opening map of the series and the competition was at the highest level until the very end of the map. Both teams had similar performances in both halves and finally, the NA team forced overtime. After three overtime turns, Shopify Rebellion started the series with a 16-14 win on Pearl. Lorrian "Lorri" Elad dropped 31 kills on KAY/O and Diana "sonder" Zhang followed the Inititator with 28 kills on the board. Guild X’s pick for the second map was Haven. After a very tough competition, the EMEA representative didn’t let another overtime and won the map after 24 rounds, 13-11. Lorri once again stepped up with 22 kills but Guild’s team effort was a lot better.

The decider map of the series was Icebox. Unlike the first two maps, this time it was a total domination from the side of Shopify Rebellion Female. The NA team ended the series after a 13-4 win on Icebox and reached the Upper Bracket Semifinals. This time sonder played KAY/O and finished the game with a 1.89 rating.

Shopify Rebellion Female players celebrating the win. Credit: Riot Games
Shopify Rebellion Female players celebrating the win. Credit: Riot Games

FENNEL Hotelava vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid BR’s map pick of the day was Ascent and they showed how confident they are on the map. The Brazilian team won the first map with a score of 13-4, losing only one round on the attacking side. Natália "nat1" Meneses put on a little show with a 1.87 rating and 22 kills. FENNEL Hotelava won the second map of the series which was their pick, Icebox. The Japanese team had a great defensive effort in the second half. Suzu "suzu" Sasaki grabbed 29 kills and finished the map with a 1.80 rating. FENNEL players kept their hopes alive by forcing the third map but it didn’t last long. Even though it wasn’t easy for them, Team Liquid BR closed out the series after a 13-9 win on Breeze. Paula "bstrdd" Naguil’s 26-kill Jett with the help of Natália "daiki" Vilela’ 24-kill Sova combined together gifted them the win.
Team Liquid BR players. Credit: Riot Games
Team Liquid BR players. Credit: Riot Games

The Upper Bracket Semifinal matchup between Shopify Rebellion Female and Team Liquid was supposed to be played after the second game but Riot Games announced that it has been postponed to November 17 at 15:00 CET due to local restrictions. You can find more information about the tournament on the events page.


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