TSM X drops Game Changers roster

written by AashirAhmed November 15, 2022 at 8:30am
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With the ongoing VCT GC 2022 - Championship marking the culmination of Game Changers series 2022, discussions regarding the upcoming season for the none-participating teams have begun regarding their current roster and the changes, if any, are required to elevate their performance to the next level. TSM X is on the forefront of that list with the organization releasing their entire roster in an announcement earlier today with no concrete plans for the future being made public.

TSM, being one of the notable names in esports, decided to support the Game Changers scene in its early stages by formulating their initial roster in March 2021 just a couple of days before VCT GC 2021 - North America Series 1 - Open Qualifier. The roster encountered success in other regional tournaments, but they could never break past a 5th-6th place atleast in the VCT GC Main Events. Since VCT tournaments were an integral part of the GC teams’ strategy, they continually introduced changes to their roster but failed to find consistency in their successes.

When the year changed to 2022 and a new Game Changers season was on the horizon, the roster looked to finish tournaments with a better outcome than before. But it wasn’t until the signing of April "bungee" Haight that they were able to break pass the barrier and finish 3rd. With a renewed hope, they continued participation in other regional tournaments preparing for the final GC series in September for which Elena "Ellie" Garland was brought on. Essentially this event would decide the fate of the team and if they were worthy enough of a ticket to Berlin for the Championship event.

Meeting up with XSET Purple and Immortals Female in subsequent matchups proved to be too much for the roster as they faced elimination in the first round of Lower Brackets and were no longer in contention for a GC Championship spot. Their five member roster consisted of the following players:

CanadaEmily "mle" PetersCanadaMirna "athxna" NoureldinThailandKarnthida "dodonut" ChaisrakeoUnited StatesApril "bungee" HaightUnited StatesElena "Ellie" Garland


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