Demon1 crosshair code

Demon up your crosshair with Demon1's crosshair code.
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Last UpdatedMarch 11, 2024 at 09:38AM
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Looking for the Demon1 crosshair code? Yes, we know the 21-year-old VALORANT player from the USA, who has been making waves with NRG Esports since February 15, 2024. But what makes Demon1 stand out?

According to the fans, his crosshair, the little pointer on the screen that helps him aim, is quite helpful besides his skills. His crosshair is simple but effective, with a white color and cyan accents, making it easy to see in the chaos of a match. It's all about clarity and focus – two things every gamer needs to succeed.

So, let's look closer at Demon1's crosshair settings and see what makes it tick. Who knows? Maybe it'll help you level up your game too.

Demon1 crosshair code & settings

Demon1's crosshair code is 0;s;1;P;o;1;f;0;0t;1;0l;3;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;c;1;o;1.”You can input this code into the VALORANT settings to replicate Demon1's crosshair configuration. Here are some moves that this code can help you:

Demon1's crosshair settings are designed to help him optimize his performance in both streaming and competitive play. Let's break down the details of his crosshair import code: Primary Settings:

  • Color: White
  • Crosshair Color: #00FFFF (Cyan)
  • Outlines: On
  • Center Dot: Off
  • Center Dot Opacity: 1
  • Center Dot Thickness: 1 Inner Lines:
  • Show Inner Lines: On
  • Inner Line Offset: 2
  • Inner Line Opacity: 1
  • Inner Line Length: 3
  • Inner Line Thickness: 1
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off Outer Lines:
  • Show Outer Lines: Off
  • Outer Line Opacity: 0
  • Outer Line Thickness: 0
  • Outer Line Length: 0
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off**

Demon1's choice of a white crosshair with cyan accents provides high visibility against various backgrounds while maintaining contrast for precise aiming. Including outlines enhances the crosshair's visibility, ensuring that it remains prominent even in fast-paced combat situations.

Image credit: Riot Games
Image credit: Riot Games

By disabling movement and firing error indicators, Demon1 prioritizes a clean and uncluttered visual representation, allowing him to rely on his instincts and muscle memory during gameplay.

Overall, Demon1's crosshair settings balance clarity, precision, and personal preference, serving as a vital component of his arsenal as he continues to dominate the competitive VALORANT scene.

Do you think the Demon1 crosshair code is the best fit for you?

What makes a crosshair good?

A good crosshair in a game is super important for aiming accurately. Here's what makes one great:

Image credit: Riot Games
Image credit: Riot Games

First, it needs to be easy to see. It should stand out against the background to quickly spot it and aim where you want.

It also needs to help you aim precisely. The lines shouldn't be too thick or long, or they might get in the way. You should be able to adjust the size and shape to fit your style.

The design should be clear and simple. You don't want extra stuff cluttering your view. Features like outlines can help without making things too busy.

Your crosshair should feel comfy to use, even during long gaming sessions. Picking colors that are easy on the eyes can help prevent strain.

It should work well in different situations. Whether you're up close or far away, your crosshair should help you aim accurately every time.

Lastly, it should give you feedback on how you're doing. It can show if you're moving, shooting, or if your aim could be better. This helps you improve your skills as you play.

So, a good crosshair is all about being easy to see, helping you aim precisely, feeling comfy, and working in any situation, like the Demon1 crosshair code.

Demon1 video settings

Whether you're immersed in the intricate world of a role-playing game or engaged in intense multiplayer battles, tweaking your video settings can make a world of difference in performance and visual quality. Let’s take a closer look at how Demon1 does it:


  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Aspect Ratio Method: Letterbox
  • Display Mode: Fullscreen Graphics Quality:
  • Multithreaded Rendering: On
  • Material Quality: Low
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Detail Quality: Low
  • UI Quality: Low Visual Effects:
  • Vignette: Off
  • Bloom: Off
  • Distortion: Off
  • Cast Shadows: Off Optimization and Clarity:
  • VSync: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: MSAA 4x
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 4x
  • Improve Clarity: Off
  • Experimental Sharpening: On Accessibility:
  • Enemy Highlight Color: Purple (Tritanopia)

Demon1 mouse settings

Here are the Demon1 mouse settings that can elevate your gameplay immediately:

  • DPI: 1600 (Moderate sensitivity).
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 (Low sensitivity).
  • Scoped Sensitivity: 1 (Consistent sensitivity when scoped).
  • ADS Sensitivity: 1 (Consistent sensitivity when aiming down sights).
  • eDPI: 160 (Effective DPI combining DPI and sensitivity).
  • Hz: 4000 (High polling rate for smoother movement).
  • Windows Sensitivity: 4 (Default sensitivity in Windows).
  • Raw Input Buffer: On (Direct input from hardware for reduced lag).

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