How much have I spent on VALORANT?

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Last UpdatedSeptember 12, 2023 at 12:05PM
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Every passionate VALORANT player knows that the allure of the game is not just in the mechanics or agents with abilities – it is also in the unique skins, bundles, and other in-game cosmetics. At first glance, the bundles are not very expensive but through time you can be surprised with the amount of skins you bought.

Riot Games, known for its dedication to being transparent, has implemented a user system that allows players to easily monitor their in-game spending. Regardless of whether you are someone who occasionally splurges or frequently makes purchases keeping track of your VALORANT expenses is easy and practical. In this article, we will show how to access purchase history and each transaction at Riot Games, as well as explain why it is important to keep track of such expenditures.

How can I check my VALORANT purchase history?

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to the purchase history page provided by Riot.
  3. Locate the red button “Log In” in the middle of the page.
Log In Section of VALORANT purchase history page
Log In Section of VALORANT purchase history page
  1. Sign in using your VALORANT account credentials.
  2. After logging in click on the option “Purchase History” and then the button that says "Get My Purchase History."
  3. You will then see a breakdown of all your transactions, including dates, amounts of VP (Valorant Points), and the payment methods you have used.
Purchase History Screen
Purchase History Screen

If you searched for the transaction history and decided to refund some purchases, check out our guide on skin refunding in VALORANT.

Why is it important to monitor your expenses in VALORANT?

  • Budgeting: Regularly keeping track of your spending allows you to allocate a budget for indulging in VALORANT.
  • Ensuring Accuracy: It is crucial to verify that all your transactions are accurate. If any discrepancies arise you can easily reach out to Riot Support for assistance.
  • Prioritizing Safety: By reviewing your purchase history you can quickly identify any unauthorized access or unauthorized transactions on your account.
  • Making Informed Choices: Understanding your spending habits empowers you to make thoughtful decisions about future purchases ensuring that you're satisfied, with where your money is being spent.

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