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Last UpdatedDecember 7, 2023 at 11:32AM
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It sucks, right? How the heck are you supposed to climb the ranks to Radiant if you can’t even play the freaking game! The infamous “Error code: 59” in VALORANT is one of the game’s niggly little nuisance errors… but thankfully, it’s a simple fix… mostly.

So rather than join the ranks of the rage-quitters who throw in the towel when facing this troublesome issue, stick with us for a few minutes and we’ll see you back on track for glory.

Sound good?

So what exactly is VALORANT’s “error code 59”?

That whole “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.” message isn’t the most informative really, is it?

Even Riot’s support page doesn’t clear the air much.

They tell us “There seems to be an issue with the login queue. Go ahead and restart the Riot Client and check for any Support Site banners.”. Then they add fuel to the frustration fire with the “meaning” of “LoginQueueFetchTokenFailure”.

Erm, thanks?

Thankfully, all you need to know (and you don’t even need to know it really) is that it’s a connection problem. Somewhere behind the scenes in the imaginary tangle of ones and zeros and network signals, some metaphorical wires got crossed.

That, or Riot has decided it’s time for some poorly timed server maintenance. If that’s the case, sorry to say but you’ll have to tap into your patience.

League of Legends fans have been dealing with this for years – it never stopped them and it shouldn’t stop you!

Generally, you’re most likely to see VAL’s error 59 after any major update to the game.

VALORANT error code 59

How do you fix VAL’s error code 59?

The simplest fix is right in front of your eyes – restart the game.

Things only really get frustrating when that doesn’t work. And hey, that’s probably why you’re here!

So if you’ve already hit that “Quit Game” button, re-launched VALORANT, and are still being hit with that error 59 code, here’s what we suggest you try next…

  1. Check Riot’s support site to make sure it’s not a server-wide error – if it is, you’ll have to just wait it out.
  2. Right-click your taskbar (or press control + alt + delete) and load the Task Manager, find and end any running VAL or Riot Client processes, then try to launch the game again.
  3. Restart your PC then try to load the game again.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall VALORANT (and Riot Vanguard).

If you’re still seeing that (by now infuriating) error code 59, it’s time to submit a ticket to Riot’s support team.

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