VALORANT Dragon Skins: The Elderflame Bundle

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Last UpdatedSeptember 12, 2023 at 12:09PM
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As VALORANT continues to evolve the charm of its Ultra Edition skin collection, the Elderflame skinline has always remained timeless. Despite its release in July 2020 the Elderflame collection still holds its status of a legendary skinline alongside other renowned bundles like Oni 2.0. It is not just a mere aesthetic upgrade for weapons, as it offers an immersive gameplay experience by transforming them into fire breathing dragons.

Elderflame bundle
Elderflame bundle

Although each skin within the Elderflame bundle is spectacular, the Dragon's Claw Melee weapon and the Elderflame Vandal, aslo often called Dragon Vandal, truly stand out. This is not just another knife skin; it offers a continuously animated, fire-flecked hilt that perfectly aligns with the so beloved dragon theme in VALORANT.

Dragon's Claw Melee
Dragon's Claw Melee

Elderflame Weapons and their prices

The Elderflame collection initially revolutionized the VALORANT scene with its exceptional interactivity and intricate details. The original price for the whole bundle in 2020 was 9,900 VALORANT Points (VP). Here are the weapons included in bundle and their respective prices:

  1. Elderflame Vandal (2,475 VP)
  2. Elderflame Operator (2,475 VP)
  3. Elderflame Frenzy (2,475 VP)
  4. Elderflame Guardian (2,475 VP)
  5. Dragon's Claw Melee (4,350 VP)

Just like premium-tier skins, Elderflame comes with upgradeable elements via Radiante Points (RP), further enhancing its visual effects, soundscapes, and finishers.

Elderflame Vandal
Elderflame Vandal

The actual cost of VALORANT and Radiante Points in dollars is listed below:


  • 475 VP (+0 bonus VP) for $4.99

  • 950 VP (+50 bonus VP) for $9.99

  • 1900 VP (+150 bonus VP) for $19.99

  • 3325 VP (+325 bonus VP) for $34.99

  • 4750 VP (+600 bonus VP) for $49.99

  • 9500 VP (+1500 bonus VP) for $99.99

Radiante Points:

  • 20 Radianite Points = 1,600 VALORANT Points (approximately $15 USD).
  • 40 Radianite Points = 2,800 VALORANT Points (approximately $25 USD).
  • 80 Radianite Points = 4,800 VALORANT Points (approximately $45 USD).

Elderflame upgrades and cosmetics

The Elderflame weapons feature four main upgrade levels, and the intricacies at each tier make this collection truly extraordinary:

Elderflame Weapon Levels:

  • Level 1: Custom dragon-themed gun model
  • Level 2: Custom fire sound and muzzle flash
  • Level 3: Custom animations for equip, reload, and idle, with accompanying auditory cues
  • Level 4: A finisher featuring a dragon incinerating the opponent and a kill banner

Dragon's Claw Melee Levels:

  • Level 1: Custom fiery model
  • Level 2: Custom flame animations and effects
Elderflame Vandal reload animation
Elderflame Vandal reload animation

The Elderflame collection did not originally feature gun buddies, sprays, or player cards upon its release, but its longevity and fan love would make these a welcome addition if ever introduced.

Where can I buy Elderflame skins in 2023?

Although the Elderflame bundle is no longer featured in a dedicated store slot, individual skins from this historic collection occasionally appear in the daily shop rotation. For those who missed the opportunity to acquire this trendsetting bundle, this offers another chance to own a piece of VALORANT history.

If you are interested in VALORANT skins do not miss out a chance to get prepared for the release of the highly anticipated Daydreams Bundle, and learn how to get many VALORANT skins for free.

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