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Agents of VALORANT: Reyna

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With the full release of VALORANT, the community got a lot of cool new features! We received a map, a new battle pass, and some new updates in Patch 1.0. But most importantly we got a new Agent to test out and play in the form of Reyna, who hails from Mexico. With only a couple of weeks to test her out, the community is sure to find out more ways to use her effectively. But as we are just getting started, here is a deep dive into her abilities!

Leer {C}

This is an extremely interesting ability that seems simple at first, but the potential of Leer holds quite a bit of value. Something to note is that “eye” doesn’t stay out for very long, lasting only a few seconds. The “eye” is also destructible, so it is very counterable. But when an enemy looks at the “eye”, they become nearsighted. What makes this ability so powerful is players are able to position the Leer orb almost anywhere on the map, which allows for some interesting plays to be made. The nearsighted effect only occurs when the enemy is within the line of sight of the “eye”, so players need to be cautious as they clear certain angles.

Devour {Q} and Dismiss {E}

These two abilities are shared in how they function, but they provide a different effect that can be used to take on gunfights in different ways. When Reyna secures a frag on the enemy, a small orb will pop up for a short duration. When the player looks at the said orb, there are two options that appear for the player to choose from. If the player holds Q down, Reyna will rapidly gain 100 health points. She can overheal herself as well, but any health over 100hp will decay, and she can only go up to 150hp total. This is extremely useful for after players take excessive damage in an initial gunfight. Being able to get back into the fight without having to depend on Sage to heal a player is currently one of the most powerful attributes Reyna has. If the player chooses to hold down E, the player will then be given increased speed whilst also being intangible. When using this ability, players must be aware of the fact that they can’t use their gun, as that would be very overpowered. But the benefit of this ability is it provides a quick escape option when in the midst of a heated gunfight. There is a short animation at the end of the ability in which the player is switching back to their weapons. In this animation, players can be killed so this is something people must be aware of.

Empress {Z}

This ultimate is what makes Reyna such a powerful Duelist. When activated, players will enter an enhanced state for a sizable duration in which Reyna gains increased fire rate, weapon swap speed, and reload speed. Additionally, she is given an unlimited resource of charges for Devour and Dismiss. When she secures a kill on the enemy, the duration of the ability is increased, so chaining frags is very possible with this ultimate ability.

Reyna has the potential to become one of the most powerful characters in VALORANT. The most exciting part about this character is the fact that players in the community are just beginning to experiment with her, so we will see her full potential take shape as players evolve around her abilities. We have already seen her in action at a high skill level during Twitch Rivals, and it was definitely a sight to see. What do you think about Reyna’s abilities? Do you think she is overpowered? Or does she need to be buffed?

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