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Split is surely one of the most loved maps in VALORANT and its return to the competitive map pool made many people happy. However, since it was gone for a while, most players forgot about the details that made them stand out in the past. Today we will tell you everything about Split, the VALORANT map that was taken away from players. Let’s take a look at the details of the Split map in VALORANT!

VALORANT players have been waiting on the return of Split and they finally got what they wanted in early 2023. Even though its return was generally a welcome one, professional VALORANT teams didn’t really pick the map often at VCT LOCK//IN 2023, as it just made its return to the map pool. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about the VALORANT Split map.

Split is one of the most-played VALORANT maps. Credit: Riot Games
Split is one of the most-played VALORANT maps. Credit: Riot Games

Split VALORANT: What makes it unique?

Split is one of the most popular maps in Riot Games' tactical shooter game VALORANT. It has a vertical configuration with two bombsites connected by a center space.

It has a future metropolitan scene with a big gap separating the map's two sides. Split is distinguished by the usage of ascenders, which are ropes that allow players to go up or down to higher or lower land easily. Ascenders may be located across the map, including A Lobby and B Tower.

The Split map in VALORANT is also notable for its asymmetrical nature, which provides different advantages and disadvantages to attackers and defenders. Attackers, for example, have more possibilities for approaching A Site, while defenders have more angles to hold from Heaven and Screens. Defenders, on the other hand, have more choices for rotating between sites, while attackers have more chances to dominate Mid and B Heaven.

Split needs excellent use of skills and smokes in VALORANT, as well as solid cooperation and communication from both teams. Knowing how to employ ascenders can help players surprise or flank their opponents. Split is a map that rewards both strategy and creativity, as well as aim and reflexes.

Best agents for Split in VALORANT

Let’s start with the best agents on Split to dominate your VALORANT games. Just like any other map, there are certain Sentinels Agents, Duelists, or some others Agents with different roles that can be beneficial both on the attacking and end and also defense.

During the LOCK//IN 2023 tournament, the finalist Brazilian team played Split four times and grabbed three wins with the same lineup in every matchup: Jett, Astra, Raze, Viper, Skye. Normally, Jett is not the first choice for many teams because Raze has clear advantages on Split, but she was chosen seven times in total, four times by aspas. However, the Brazilian superstar is considered one of the best Jett players in the world, and that is the logic behind the pick.

Raze is one of the most-picked Agents on Split. Credit: Riot Games
Raze is one of the most-picked Agents on Split. Credit: Riot Games

If you want to try a composition with your friends for your ranked games, try this one:

  • Omen
  • Jett
  • Raze
  • Sage
  • Cypher

Best strategies to execute on Split's attack

When attacking on Split, be mindful of the frequent angles and placements used by defenders to retain bomb sites. On A, for example, expect defenders to be lurking behind the boxes, on the rafters, or in the heaven area. Defenders can be found at the rear corner, on the stairs, or in the garage on the B site. You must utilize your abilities effectively to counter these scenarios. You can, for example, utilize smokes, flashes, or grenades to blind them or force them out of cover. You may also scout the area and locate opponents by using recon skills such as Sova's drone or Cypher's camera.

Controlling the middle of the pitch is another crucial part of attacking on Split. Mid is an important area of the game since it lets you rotate between locations and flank the defenders. However, mid is a dangerous position since it exposes you to several angles and chokepoints. To achieve mid control, you must work with your squad to wipe away any defenders hiding in the vents, mail room, or ropes. You may also employ skills such as Omen's teleport or Jett's dash to catch the defenders off guard and gain an edge.

Best strategies to execute on Split's defense

When defending on Split, you must be prepared for fast and aggressive opponent pushes. Split is a map that favors attackers who can overwhelm the defenders with their speed and movement. To avoid this, you must put in place an efficient defense that can delay or block the entry into the sites. You may, for example, employ abilities like Sage's wall or Killjoy's turret to stop or slow them down. You may also employ skills such as Viper's poison (Snakebite) to stop the push. The enemy team will likely pick Raze as it is considered one of the best VALORANT Agents on Split; the aforementioned skills will help you and your team reduce the effectiveness of Raze drastically!

Another crucial part of Split defense is communicating and rotating with your team. Split is a map that allows attackers to rapidly and simply swap between sites. To counteract this, keep an eye on the minimap and listen for any audible signals indicating their movement. You must also report any information or adversaries that you see or hear. For example, if you observe three adversaries approaching A site, you can shout "A rush" and request assistance from your teammates. You can also employ skills like Astra's stars or Brimstone's smokes to interrupt or recapture pathways.

What agent is the best for Split?

There are different agents that you can choose depending on your VALORANT role within your team. For example, Raze is the best duelist that you can pick on this map, while Omen is one of the greatest Controller Agents on the map.

Here is the visual of Split in VALORANt. Credit: Riot Games
Here is the visual of Split in VALORANt. Credit: Riot Games

Is Split back in VALORANT?

Yes, Split made its return to VALORANT on January 10, 2023. Riot Games launched it back with Patch 6.0, and since then, players have been enjoying the map nonstop. Split is picked by many professional esports teams all around the world, and it is also played in ranked games.

Why did VALORANT remove Split?

It was first taken from the game in June 2022, when the current map Pearl was published, and while it was a popular choice at the time, many fans have been longing for its return ever since.

In other words, Riot Games thought it was time for a change, and they had to take down a map to push Pearl, and that is why SPlit was removed from VALORANT. A big majority of the fans missed playing on the map, and finally, it was brought back to the map lineup with patch 6.0 on January 10, 2023.

Is Split defender-sided?

The first version of the VALORANT Split map was heavily defender-sided, but with the changes Riot Games made when it was gone, the attacking side also received some advantages for certain scenarios and points.

However, Split is still considered a defender-sided map, and if you lose on defense, it will be harder for you to get the lack back on the attack.

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