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VALORANT Agent Fade was released to widen the Initiator span within the game. In this Fade VALORANT guide, we will show you every skill the Agent has in their arsenal, as well as tips and tricks on how to get better with the Initiator hailing from Turkey.

Initiator Agents are a versatile class in VALORANT, with their main goal being to gather as much useful information about the enemy team as possible. Their abilities and identities are often focused on revealing the enemy’s location. There are currently five Initiator Agents in VALORANT: Sova, Breach, Skye, KAY/O, and Fade. Each Agent is useful in their own way, and the correct choice of Agent for the Initiator class will depend on your playstyle, map, and team composition. Check out our Initiator guide and tier list to get the most information on the Agent class.

Initiator Agents in VALORANT are a vital component of any team composition, just like Sentinels Agents. These Agents excel at initiating engagements, gathering information, and disrupting the enemy's positioning. With their arsenal of abilities designed for map control and setting up plays, Initiator Agents play a crucial role in creating opportunities for their team. The debate on Fade VALORANT presence, strengths and weaknesses, and whether you should master them or not will be answered today, as well as the Agent’s role.

Even though there are several Initiators, let's talk about Fade, VALORANT agent that has the abilities of almost every other Agent in the class. Let’s see if Fade is any good in VALORANT!

In this Fade VALORANT guide, all your questions will be answered! Credit: Riot Games
In this Fade VALORANT guide, all your questions will be answered! Credit: Riot Games

Fade Abilities: VALORANT guide

Just like any other agent, Fade VALORANT abilities are separated into four different key bindings. The Initiator can near sight enemies, gather intel, and do much more. Here are Fade's abilities in VALORANT:

  • C - Prowler - EQUIP a prowler. FIRE to send the prowler forward. HOLD FIRE to steer the prowler towards your crosshair. The prowler will chase down the first enemy or terror trail it sees and near sight the enemy on impact.
  • Q - Seize - EQUIP a knot of raw fear. FIRE to throw. The knot drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the knot early. The knot ruptures on impact, holding nearby enemies in place. Held enemies are Deafened and Decayed.
  • E - Haunt - EQUIP a haunting watcher. FIRE to throw. The watcher drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the watcher early. The watcher lashes out on impact, Revealing enemies in its line of sight and creating terror trails to them. Enemies can destroy the watcher.
  • X - Nightfall - EQUIP the power of nightmare itself. FIRE to unleash a wave of unstoppable nightmare energy. Enemies caught in the wave are Marked by terror trails, Deafened, and Decayed.

Ascent, Haven, Bind are the best maps for Fade, as you can attack the bombsites easily on all three maps. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t pick the Agent in any other maps. They may not be one of the best agents on Fracture, but you can surely try your luck on other maps!

How to play Fade in VALORANT

First things first, you need to have Fade in your Agent arsenal. You might want to learn how to unlock Agents before reading more into it. Fade is an Initiator who can use her abilities to gather information about the enemy's location and strategy and disrupt their vision and movement.

They might not be the best VALORANT Agent for most players, but Fade is a very important pick for any VALORANT team because she can provide intel, vision denial, and mobility. She can help her team gain an advantage over the enemy and execute coordinated attacks. However, she also requires skill and timing to use her abilities effectively and avoid being caught off guard. Fade is not an easy agent to master, but she can be very rewarding for those who do.

Once you learn how to play Fade in VALORANT, your team's attacks will be unstoppable! Credit: Riot Games
Once you learn how to play Fade in VALORANT, your team's attacks will be unstoppable! Credit: Riot Games

Always communicate with your teammates

You can gather a lot of intelligence as an Initiator Agent, but not from everywhere. You may choose the best location to take this information on the map by communicating your round strategy with your teammates. Fade’s Haunt lets your teammates see enemies. If you communicate with your entry-fragger and use the skill effectively, you will help your Jett, Raze, or Reyna to get the first kill to open the bomb site for you.

If you have successfully acquired your ultimate, inform your squad via communications and organize a push that begins with you deploying a Nightfall. It will be simpler for you to decide where the ult should be placed, increasing your chances of success if your teammates can use Sova to gather reconnaissance on the whereabouts of your adversaries on the battlefield.

Blind spots

Almost every map has small gaps where your skills will benefit you and your teammates more. If you use Fade’s intel-gathering “eye” on top of roofs or small gaps that will be harder for your opponents to see, you will have a better chance of revealing their locations. One of the most important Fade VALORANT abilities, the “eye,” lets you see where other players are, and if you throw to a place where the enemy team can easily see it, they will much more likely shoot it, and you will lose your chance to get intel. Prowlers work best in cramped areas like tunnels and tight hallways because of its very limited angle of detection.

Use a Prowler before attacking a bomb site

A Prowler is similar to Skye’s wolf, and it is a text-book Initiator skill that lets you get intel of the enemy team. Use Prowlers before you execute an attack on the bomb site; this way, you will both know your enemy’s position and near sight them, making your entry-fragger’s job easy.

When did Fade come out in VALORANT?

So, when is the Fade release date? The Turkish agent was released on April 27, 2022, during Episode 4 Act 3. Since then, the Agent has been one of the most picked Initiators both in the professional scene and ranked games.

Fade is a Turkish Agent and they were released on April 27, 2022. Credit: Riot Games
Fade is a Turkish Agent and they were released on April 27, 2022. Credit: Riot Games

Where is Fade from?

Fade is from Turkey, and there aren’t any other Agents from the country. There is a big VALORANT audience in Turkey, and that is why Riot decided to develop an agent with roots there. Fade’s voice and lines are all in Turkish.

Who is Fade voice actor in VALORANT?

Fade is a Turkish female agent, and the voice actor behind the Agent is Selin Çuhadaroğlu. All the lines of Fade, including round starts, ends, and other small interactions, are voiced by the Turkish voice actor Çuhadaroğlu.

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