VALORANT Weekly Roster Round Up #1

written by frss - March 7, 2022 at 9:0pm
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Welcome to our new weekly roster round up where we will be keeping you up to date with roster moves from around the world. In our first edition we have covered from 28th February to 6th March.


  • Germany
    • PENTA decided to part ways with Gustavs "Skayuf" Auders . The Latvian is a free agent and looking for new opportunities. In his place, the German organization welcomed Nico "xanarchy" Janssen as the fifth member of the roster. Recently he was a part of Cowana Gaming. Usually he was playing as a Sentinel. Skayuf Source, xanarchy Source
  • Spain
    • Team Heretics signed Ivaylo "Linepro" Krasimirov Kolev as a strategic coach. Previously this role has been occupied by Noel “Noel” Garberi, but since a few months the Spaniard is the main coach. In the past, Linepro was an analyst for 19esports and Case Esports. Source
  • Spain
    • UCAM Esports Club announced the signing of an Academy team. This team is built around five young players, mainly from Spain. UCAM Academy is: Eloy “YuNo” Garcia, Hongaho “n0rth” Wang, Alejandro “Mind” Vacas, Enabiel “eNe” Sanchez, Gabriel “DRK” Lorenzo, Eden “EddeN” Garcia. Source
  • Romania
    • The contract between Maria "6sonya" Istrate and Rix.GG Lightning has expired. The Romanian is currently looking for new offers in any region. The last time 6sonya was on the bench since January 2022. Source
  • France
    • TENSTAR Nova parted ways with their coach, Mickael "Twenee1" Annequin. The Frenchman was part of this team for a little more than six months. Following his Twitter, now he is looking for new opportunities as coach or manager. Source
  • Sweden
    • Oliwer "LATEKS" Fahlander, former Rix.GG Thunder player has signed for Giants Gaming as a strategic coach. The Swede starts working as a coach for the first time in his career. Giants are trying to strengthen their squad as VRL - Spain: Rising - Stage 1 - Main Event playoffs begin next week. Source
  • Israel
    • Team Finest parted ways with Jere "synsi" Virtanen and he is looking for new opportunities. Currently Dmitriy "dimasick" Matvienko is playing with Finest as a stand-in. Isreali organization also decided to sign Sergey "fistie" Vasilev as an analyst. Source
  • Hungary
    • Gamerland Outlaws benched Elek "Haxtrax" Simon from the active roster. His place has been taken by Viktor "victorsoN" Kovacs, who recently has been a coach for this team. Gamerland currently is 4th in VRL - Eastern Europe: Surge - Stage 1 - Main Event with a chance to make the playoffs. Source


  • United States
    • Ryan "ryann" Welsh has been benched from active Ghost Gaming’ roster and he is able to explore other opportunities.The American organization is looking around for a new player, previously ryann usually was playing as controller. Source
  • United States
    • Corbin "C0M" Lee leaves Akrew and is looking for a new home. He was part of this team for half a year. Akrew is already eyeing for the replacement. Source
  • Australia
    • Chris "pl1xx" Li has been benched from the active Soniqs’ roster in September 2021. Finally the Australian is a free agent. The last months were not successful for him, and he is very keen to prove his worth in his new team. Source


  • Argentina
    • Cristóbal Gabriel "L4cer" Chaparro left Rise Gaming]. He only played in six games for that team, after which his paths with the organization diverged. Source
  • Chile
    • Azules Esports parted ways with the last lineup. This team failed to qualify for VCT 2022 - LATAM North - Stage 1 - Challengers. Source


  • Japan
    • DetonatioN Gaming is looking for two new players. Following the tweet, the Japanese organization is looking for a duelist and flex. Source
  • Japan
    • FIRST Gaming released their full roster after disappointing performances over the two VCT Japan open qualifiers. Source
  • Japan
    • Insomnia are another team who announced that they are looking to rebuild a full new roster as they released their players. Source


  • Algeria
    • Abderraouf "4FuNNie2k" Rebai left Team Majesty. He played his last game for this team in December in the ESTAZ Elite League, when they lost 1-3 against Team RA'AD. Source
  • Morocco
    • MLC Esports decided to part ways with Youssef Ait "Cactuzio" Amghar and Taha "AntiBiotique" Handaoui. Two weeks ago with two Moroccans, MLC won MPL - Season 1, when they beat [te
  • am=1997] in the grand final. AntiBiotique Source, cactuizo Source

We will be back next week with edition 2, stay tuned.


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