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Last UpdatedJuly 30, 2023 at 08:14PM
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If VALORANT is a delicious dish, then the assorted gun skins are the herbs and spices that make it memorable, magical, and downright magnificent. But with over 672 different skins available across 19 weapon types, how do you choose the best VALORANT skins from the bunch?

That’s exactly why this guide exists – to help you select the best skins for any weapon and any budget.

And because we know you want to get back to fragging the bejeezus out of those enemy agents pronto, we’re giving you the goods from most popular weapon choice to least.

Weapon usage chart from June 2023 VCT Masters in Tokyo
Weapon usage chart from June 2023 VCT Masters in Tokyo

So knuckle in, gunslinger, ‘cause we’re taking you on a tour through the top 3 skins in town for every weapon in VALORANT.

You wanted the best skins, and that’s what you’re gonna get! (but first…)

⚠ Disclaimer ⚠

Taste is subjective, agent discretion is advised.

Do not spend your hard-earned VP on a weapon skin just because it featured in this most nerf-worthy of mighty listicles.

TheSpike bears no responsibility for any such purchases that do not consider the agent’s own preferences…

we do, however, have impeccable taste, and have based this best skins list on skins with the best designs, VFX, finishers, and other unforgettable accoutrements.

And now, for the main event…

Best knife skins

In VALORANT, melee skins always come at a premium rate. Selecting the best knife skins from the insanely badass range isn’t easy, but here are our top picks worth the VP investment…

RGX 11z Pro

It was a tough call between the RGX 11z Pro Firefly and the RGX Pro Blade for the spot of best knife skin at the top end of the pricing ladder. We’ve gone with the Firefly because, frankly, who doesn’t love a solid butterfly knife?

This beauty is worth every drop of that 4350 VP price tag and then some!


Which is best in VALORANT, a karambit or a butterfly knife? That’s a debate that may well rage until the end of time. And speaking of the end of time, that’s exactly where this stunningly lethal knife skin looks plucked from.

3550 VP for a nimble knife that feels like you’re slicing through the fabric of reality itself – the perfect specimen of silent death.


We promised a skin for every budget, so here’s our pick of best budget knife skin in VALORANT.

At 1750 VP, it’s hard to argue with (though we’d suggest saving up a scootch more VP – splashing out closer to 2550 VP will open up a world of better skins than this to choose from!

Best Vandal skins

VALORANT and rifles are a match made in heaven, and the Vandal remains the undisputed rifle of champions. Here are the best Vandal skins around…


For a Vandal with a freaking dragon modification, it’s easy to see why the Elderflame Vandal is top of the fan favorites list wherever you look.

The fiery animations and effects make this one of the most awe-inspiring skins VALORANT has ever released. 2475 VP is a small price to pay for that level of badassery.

Prelude to Chaos

The gods of sci-fi threw everything they had and then some at this beaut of a Vandal skin. The subtle purple hues create unforgettably vibrant visuals that seamlessly blend elements of reality with magical alien-like chaos.

Once you feast your eyes on the upgrades (enhanced VFX and SFX, electrifying animations, and a haunting finisher involving chains), you’ll know why this is one of the best Vandal skins going. 2175 VP well spent.


Great VFX and laser-powered reload animations – need we say more? Ok, how about this: the finisher for this Vandal skin involves a hungry wolf devouring your enemy. Sold yet?

For 1775 VP, you can’t go wrong here. Part of the beloved Prime skin line, this skin is slick and sexy AF.

Best Phantom skins

VALORANT is a game of many choices. Some might be too hard to make… or at least to agree on. Which is the best Phantom skin? That’s one of those such choices. See what you make of our selections…


The Spectrum skins, designed in collaboration with DJ and diehard VALORANT fan, Zedd, have been popular across the board since hitting the show.

For the most expensive side of things, 2675 VP isn’t half bad. From the wicked musical inspect animation to the showstopping finisher that should come with a concert-level warning for flashing lights, this skin is easily one of the best for the Phantom, and an absolute must for any music lovers out there!


Legend has it that the Oni Phantom’s VFX is second to none. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

1775 VP for such an unbelievably stunning specimen feels like a total steal for this homage to Japanese folklore and the demonic Oni. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best and most popular Phantom skins money can buy.

Seriously, this might just be the most purchased Phantom skin in VALORANT. If you can, do yourself a favor and grab it for your collection!


It seemed about time we featured a skin that cost less than 1000 VP, so here we present the Galleria.

There’s nothing especially stand-out with this one, but the grey and red design is proof that sometimes less is more.

As for the bunny on the side… well, any Monty Python fans will know that bunnies can be vicious and should never be underestimated! Racking up bunny-powered frags could be just the psychological diss you need to one-up the other team.

875 VP well spent? We think so!

Best Classic skins

Every VALORANT player needs a solid sidearm… the only question is, what’s yours?

RGX 11z Pro

Easily one of the best Classic skins around, not least of which for being one of few skins that can boast a level 5 upgrade (which, we’ll add, pops a neat little kill counter on the gun).

2175 VP might feel like a lot for a sidearm skin, but honestly, this skin line is so full of winners you may as well grab the bundle and be done with it.


A truly timeless design for any Classic pistol, and only 1775 VP. This Classic skin doesn’t just look as sleek as a regal sidearm, it shoots lasers and has some VFX and animations to die for!

And did we mention, it also has a nifty aimbot with VFX to help cut back on recoil?


Who said the best Classic skins had to cost your precious VP? Not us!

For our final entry in this section, we’re proud to shout out Raze’s Pistolinha. Save up your Kingdom Credits for this one, you won’t regret it.

Best Sheriff skins

Everyone’s favorite sidearm? Probably! VALORANT has a bunch of epic skins to pick through, but here’s our best Sheriff skins picks…


There’s something deeply satisfying about turning the classically badass Rick Grimes-esque 6-shooter into a futuristic telekinetic death machine capable of utterly obliterating enemies that dare face you.

2175 VP rarely made any agent feel so powerful.


Perfect for anyone who likes their gun skins on the menacing and edgy side of life. 1775 VP puts the power of pure darkness into your Sheriff.

Turn your sidearm into a stand-out soul-reaping frag machine that drags fallen enemies into the abyss.

Game Over

Another 0 VP entry into the best Sheriff skins, this time we’re looking at Jett’s signature sidearm. There’s a reason this sleek beaut’ is widely considered the best free skin in VALORANT.

Best Ghost skins

Not VALORANT’s most popular sidearm, but far from forgotten in the rankings. Here’s our top 3 Ghost skins…


2175 VP to transform your Ghost into a… ghost? This eternally popular shadowy skin comes complete with haunting SFX and can upgrade to possess fragged enemies.

Hands down the most fitting and regularly used skin for the Ghost sidearm.

Gaia’s Vengeance

1775 VP in exchange for a sidearm infused with the strength of Mother Earth? Beautiful tree-like design, sound effects and the ability to grow trees from those you vanquish – you’ll feel like an extra in Avatar in no time.


Another 1775 VP Ghost skin, the white and gold design of this skin feels like elegance incarnate – the only thing sweeter is the finisher of these skins.

Best Bulldog skins


2675 VP for a musical masterpiece and one of the best finishers in VALORANT history.


2175 VP for the zaniest, cyberpunk-themed explosion of color, glitter, and stickers. Look no further for great animations, holographic upgrades, and a finisher you’ll never forget.

Something about this skin just screams Bulldog – easily one of the best skins for this rifle.


875 VP for an epic space-agey design that looks like it cost twice as much.

Best Stinger skins

Prelude to Chaos

2175 VP – If sci-fi’s your thing, then the Prelude to Chaos is one of the best Stinger skins going. With similar effects to the Reaver skins, Prelude to Chaos will turn your Stinger into a terrifying specimen to behold.


1775 VP turns your Stinger into the epitome of an elite-looking low-cost SMG. Get ready to look like you’re part of some kind of royal honor guard.

Prism II

875 VP for a solid, but notably more affordable, homage to CS:GO’s Fade design.

Best Operator skins


2475 VP – fire, flames, dragons, you know the drill by now!


1775 VP to equip your sniper with an energized beam-like shot and encase the gun in an elegant shell that’s straight out of a sci-fi fanclub’s wild dream about space police? The Ion would be a shoe-in for best Op skin for that laserific shot sound alone, but wait ‘till you get a load of the electric shockwave-like finisher.

Buy now, ask questions later – this is easily one of the best Op skins in VALORANT.


875 VP opens the doors to the past, giving off vibes of WW1 snipers with this best Op skin entry.

Best Frenzy skins


2475 VP – careful, the Elderflame Frenzy skin may look kinda cute (especially on the reload), but this wee dragon’s still deadly!


2175 VP to equip this little gun with BIG and whacky neon colors. Oh, go on then!


1775 VP – You know the story: lasers = happiness. Didn’t you learn anything in school?

Best Spectre skins

Protocol 781-A

2675 VP for the single best Spectre skin available? “Shut up and take our VP,” we cry! This sleek black and red design is the very definition of badass, and the kind of Spectre skin Robocop would gladly use.

Oh, did we mention this skin talks, too?

RGX 11z Pro

2175 VP …though at this point, you may as well have just bought the bundle and saved yourself some VP. There’s a reason the RGX skins feature a few times in this best VALORANT skins list (and could have appeared a few more times too).


The Tigris skins are nothing too special, with no SFX or VFX, and no unique animations to speak of, but there’s an undeniable elegance and appeal to this simple skin. For a budget best Spectre skin costing a mere 1275 VP, you could do much worse.

Best Guardian skins

RGX 11z Pro

This Guardian skin is about as flashy as it gets, but for the kill counter feature alone it’s worth your money. 2175 VP for this top-tier Guardian skin is a small price to pay.


1775 VP for a futuristic design with a premium feel. The Prime skin line is one of VALORANT’s original designs, and no less popular today than years ago.


875 VP to whisk your rifle decades into the past, for that classic warfare kind of vibe that every bright and colorful game like VALORANT needs…

Best Odin skins


What’s more hilarious than fragging enemies through walls… with lego bricks? Nothing, that’s what. Which is why the BlastX skin holds a well-deserved spot on the list of best Odin skins.

2175 VP is a small price to pay for such pure joy.


1775 VP – one of the best reload animations in VALORANT? Quite possibly! Plus it’s hard to argue with the satisfaction of the Reaver skins’ SFX.


875 VP – give this godly-named gun a godly-themed skin.

Best Marshal skins


Another of the best aimbot-providing skins, it makes sense why Magepunk is one of the top Marshal skins on the market. 1775 VP for more headshots and a lit steampunk design plucked from the bowels of a Bioshock-esque world? Err, yes please!

Gaia’s Vengeance

If Mother Earth wanted to pop some heads, this is the Marshal skin she’d do it with. 1775 VP to equip yours with the ultimate in organic power.


875 VP

Best Judge skins


2475 VP – something about a fire-breathing shotgun seems poetically perfect, don’tcha think?


There’s something unequally satisfying about a heavy-duty shotgun that sprays out this much color (and that’s not to mention the killer SFX and finisher animations).

2175 VP well spent in our book!


875 VP for this Judge skin just kinda makes your shotgun look like a race car. Not bad for a low level price, but we’d probably save the VP for a top-tier skin.

Best Shorty skins

Prelude to Chaos

It’s electrifying, it’s sensational, it’s 2175 VP and it’ll drag your enemies into oblivion – what more could you ask for in a top Shorty skin?


1775 VP for a fish-filled shotgun that sloshes when you shoot? Someone call Aquaman!


Killjoy’s signature Shorty skin – yep, that means this Shorty skin costs NO VP, just save those Kingdom Credits and spend away, agent!

No fancy animations or SFX here, just one toight Shorty skin.

Best Ares skins


Ares skins aren’t generally the best, but when it comes to the edgy, galactic Singularity skin, this machine gun found its perfect partner. The “folding” animation and the black hole finisher just suit the Ares like a glove – is this the best finisher in VALORANT? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

If you’re an Ares fan, 2175 VP for this top skin is a must-buy.


1275 VP for a cool, soothing cherry blossom of DOOM.


1275 VP for this understandably minimalist Ares skin won’t appeal to everyone, but for those who want their machine guns as lifelike as possible, this one’s right up your alley.

Best Bucky skins


Something about that demonic, ogre-like face and its trails of misty green smoke feels like the perfect fit for the Bucky. 1775 VP for the best Bucky skin in VALORANT? Don’t mind if we do!


1775 VP for the cleanest-looking shotgun skin around. This minimalist design looks like it’s part of sleek a futuristic cyborg, and the SFX is some next-level stuff.

Prism II

875 VP – because pink and orange is the new black.

Best free skins

We covered this in more detail in our free skins post (which you should totally go check out), but here are the top 3 again for a quick-fire reference…

Game Over Sheriff

Unlocked via: Jett’s Agent Rewards

Final Chamber Classic

Unlocked via: Sage’s Agent Rewards

Pistolinha Classic

Unlocked via: Raze’s Agent Rewards

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