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VALORANT is one of the most popular games, especially among teenagers. It's a game where every move and shot matters, and moving up the ladder is like climbing a mountain. Immortal is a special VALORANT rank that shows you're really good at the game. This article will explain what Immortal means in VALORANT, how to get there, and what you can do to aim even higher and reach Radiant.

What is Immortal VALORANT?

Immortal is the second-highest rank in VALORANT. It's where the best players hang out. To get here, you need to be really good at moving, aiming, and playing smart. Only about 1% of all players ever make it to Immortal. So, it's a big deal.

What makes Immortal players different from Radiant players? Well, it's not just skill. It's also about how much time they spend playing. Immortal players have skills like Radiant players, but they've spent more time grinding in the game. If you're in the Immortal club, your skills are top-notch, and you might be ready to go pro.

How many Immortals players are there in VALORANT?

Immortal is the second-highest rank you can achieve in VALORANT. It's like being in the top 1% of all players. This rank represents serious dedication and skill. It's where some of the best players, even professionals, hang out. So, if you're an Immortal player, you're among the elite.

How to get to Immortal in VALORANT

Some players dream of reaching Radiant, the highest rank in VALORANT. Here are some simple tips to help you get closer to that dream:

Play with your teammates

It's better to stick with your teammate when you're in tough situations, like facing multiple enemies alone. Don't take one-on-one fights if you can avoid them. Work together, hold common spots, and back each other up. This teamwork can turn the game in your favor.

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Get used to your setup

Your equipment matters, even at the Immortal level. While you don't need the fanciest gear, having a good setup can help. High frame rates, a comfortable gaming area, and a good chair can make a difference. Sometimes, investing in your gaming setup is just as important as practicing your skills. It's what can set you apart from others and help you reach higher ranks.

Keep your focus

  • Avoid distractions like music or social media.
  • To reach the top ranks, you need to concentrate.
  • If you're not feeling focused, it's okay to play other game modes and return later.

Stay consistent

  • Getting points in Immortal is slow.
  • Winning several games in a row is important.
  • You just need to have a few really good game sessions.

Look for your mistakes

  • To get better, you need to see where you're weak.
  • Watch your games from a different perspective.
  • Share your game videos with a friend or someone good at the game for helpful feedback.

Work on Your Weaknesses

  • Don't spend too much time on what you're already good at.
  • Focus on getting better at things you're not great at, like talking with your team, moving well, or staying cool under pressure.


  • Practice is important, but it should be smart practice.
  • Even a little improvement can make a big difference.
  • Watch how pro players practice their aim before matches.

How good is Immortal in VALORANT?

Being Immortal means you're really good at VALORANT. It's the second-highest rank in the game. To get here, you must be super dedicated and have impressive skills. Only about 1% of all VALORANT players can say they're Immortal.

How hard is it to get Immortal in VALORANT?

Reaching Immortal is no walk in the park. It's a challenge that demands a lot of dedication and skill. To put it simply, if you were in a room with 100 VALORANT players, you'd probably be better than 99 of them if you're an Immortal. That's how special this rank is. It's not for everyone. It also doesn’t mean that you will never reach Immortal in VALORANT. If you spend enough time and focus on getting better at the game, nothing is impossible. All those players who make it to Immortal or Radiant have all been in your shoes but with determination, you can get there without any doubt.

How long does it take to get to Immortal in VALORANT?

The time it takes to reach Immortal can vary. It depends on how much experience you have with similar games. For most players, it might take around 1500 hours of playtime. But if you're starting from the lowest rank, Iron, it could even take you 3000 hours. So, reaching Immortal is a big commitment, and it's not something you can achieve overnight.

What is the Immortal gun buddy?

In VALORANT, more than 250 gun buddies are available, and they can be obtained through various means. Some gun buddies are exclusive to Skin Bundles, the Battle Pass, or agent contracts, while others are rank buddies. One of the most coveted gun buddies in the game is the VALORANT rank buddy.

To earn a VALORANT rank gun buddy, you need to achieve a certain rank at the end of an Act, based on the highest rank you reached during that Act. Each Act consists of three episodes. For example, if you finish an Act with the rank of Immortal, you'll receive the Immortal gun buddy as a reward from Riot Games.

To participate in ranked play in VALORANT, you must first reach account level 20 to unlock the competitive game mode. After unlocking competitive mode, you'll need to complete a series of placement matches, usually five, to determine your Act rank. At the beginning of each Act, Ascendant 1 is typically the highest rank placement achievable.

Here are all the rank buddies in VALORANT:

  • Iron Buddy
  • Bronze Buddy
  • Silver Buddy
  • Gold Buddy
  • Platinum Buddy
  • Diamond Buddy
  • Ascendant Buddy
  • Immortal Buddy
  • Radiant Buddy

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