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Radiant is like reaching the highest level of a game, similar to being a Challenger in League of Legends. It's a rank that many players dream of, but only a few can reach. This article will explain what Radiant is, how it compares to other ranks, and why it's so special in the VALORANT community.

What is Radiant in VALORANT?

VALORANT has different ranks, and Radiant is one of the most challenging to achieve. But before reaching Radiant, you must get to the Immortal rank first.

Radiant is the top-tier rank in VALORANT, and it's only for the very best players. To become Radiant, you have to be among the top 500 players in your area. It's important to know that it's not the same in every area. If you're playing in a place with many players, like Europe, it's much harder to reach Radiant than in less crowded areas like South America or Brazil. In Brazil, they even have their own leaderboard.

Getting to Radiant takes a lot of hard work and time spent playing the game. Some players are incredibly talented and can reach it while young. People want to reach Radiant because it comes with some cool perks. Radiant players in VALORANT become famous in the game. People love to watch their streams, learn from them, and talk to them. Pro esports teams are always looking for talented Radiant players to join their teams and help them win tournaments. Once you reach Radiant, playing VALORANT can become a job for you.

When you reach Radiant in VALORANT, you're no longer playing for fun. You're in a league of top players, and that comes with special opportunities. Many people recognize you as one of the best players in the world. This recognition can lead to exciting chances to make money doing what you love.

The journey to Radiant isn't easy. It requires a lot of practice and determination. But once you get there, you can attract fans and opportunities that can change your life. Professional gaming organizations, commentators, and sponsors always look for top players like you. They might offer you contracts, partnerships, or deals to represent their brands.

Reaching Radiant isn't just about being really good at a game. It's about turning your passion into a real career. It's a way to show the world that gaming can be more than just a hobby – it can be a path to success.

How many Radiants are in VALORANT?

For every act, the top 500 players are accepted to play in the Radiant rank of VALORANT. However, Riot Games don’t accept the top 500 players in the world, but there are 500 Radiant players on every server. There are five servers in VALORANT and 500 Radiant players on each server. This means that if you look at the global total, there are 2,500 Radiants in VALORANT.

How to get to Radiant in VALORANT

There is no miracle way to get to Radiant in VALORANT. There are certain things that you need to work on and play the game insanely well. Here are some tips:

Play until you get bored, and play again

First things first, practice makes perfect. The more you play Valorant, the better you'll get. It's not just about aiming better; it's about getting comfy with the game. Playing regularly sharpens your reflexes, helps you make smarter decisions, and teaches you about the game's agents and their strengths and weaknesses.

Tip: Concentrate on specific skills like aiming, knowing the maps well, and mastering your agent's abilities. If you find your weak spots, work on them, and you'll see improvements in no time.

Set yourself a go-to Agent and weapon

Valorant has a bunch of agents and a whole lot of weapons. Picking the right combo is vital. Think about your team and the situation you're in. If you're on the attack and need to clear out defenders, go for an agent with strong area attacks or high damage. When defending, consider agents with good defense abilities or long-range guns for holding your ground.

Pro Tip: Different weapons shine in different situations. Whether it's the Vandal for long shots or the Phantom for close-up battles, pick the weapon that suits your style and game.

Always look for your mistakes and try to work on them

Remember, every game is a chance to learn. After each match, take a moment to think about what went wrong. Look at your mistakes and figure out how to avoid them next time. And don't just focus on your own mistakes. Watch out for your teammates' mistakes too. Valorant is a team game, and learning from each other helps everyone do better.

Is Radiant a good rank in VALORANT?

Radiant is not just a good rank in VALORANT but is the BEST rank. It is literally the highest rank you can reach in the game. Of course, the grind doesn’t end once you reach Radiant, as now you will have to try your best to climb the ladder against the best players in the world. If you perform solid against these players, your chance of going pro will increase incredibly.


Iron is the lowest rank in the Valorant rating system, while Radiant is the highest, with nine other levels in between. With the exception of Radiant, each of the nine rank categories is further broken into three sections. The following is the rank order in VALORANT:

  • Iron – Iron 1, Iron 2, Iron 3
  • Bronze – Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3
  • Silver – Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3
  • Gold – Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3
  • Platinum – Platinum 1, Platinum 2, Platinum 3
  • Diamond – Diamond 1, Diamond 2, Diamond 3
  • Ascendant – Ascendant 1, Ascendant 2, Ascendant 3
  • Immortal – Immortal 1, Immortal 2, Immortal 3
  • Radiant

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