Phantom skins in VALORANT

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Last UpdatedJuly 28, 2023 at 11:38AM
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Ah, the Phantom – one of the most popular guns in VALORANT. Legend has it, this rifle is second only to the Vandal (but plenty of die-hard Phantom fans would argue the opposite). Whichever side of the Phantom vs. Vandal debate you land on, one thing’s for sure – this rifle has some seriously wicked skins to choose from!

VALORANT’s spam-friendly close-range-obliterator rifle has seen a massive surge in popularity this year. The Vandal remains the undisputed rifle of choice in all regions of the pro scene, but with the increasing favor many players are showing this beaut of a beast, more eyes than ever are on Phantom skins, especially when new skins hit the store.

If you want your cosmetics collection to showcase the finest in both legacy and upcoming Phantom skins, you’ve come to the right place, agent. With this guide, you’ll be popping heads and looking sharp in every match.

Are these among the coolest skins in the game? We’ll let you be the judge…

All Phantom skins

Scroll on for a full list of all Phantom skins in VALORANT, organized by skin tier. We’ve introduced each tier list section with a price range in real-world money for skins in that tier.

Where prices differ between designs among any given skin tier, we’ve listed individual VP after each skin.

Where prices are the same for all Phantom skins in each tier, you’ll find the VP per skin at the start of each section.

Ultra Edition

All Phantom skins in the Ultra Edition tier will cost you roughly $40 each.

Radiant Entertainment System

2975 VP

Protocol 781-A

2475 VP

Exclusive Edition

All Phantom skins in the Exclusive Edition tier will cost you between $30 – $40 each.

Champions 2022

2675 VP


2675 VP


2175 VP


2175 VP


2175 VP

Neo Frontier

2175 VP

RGX 11z Pro

2175 VP


2175 VP


2175 VP

Premium Edition

All Phantom skins in the Premium Edition tier will cost you 1775 VP, roughly $23 each.


Doodle Buds






Radiant Crisis 001








Battle Pass skins

Here you’ll find all the Phantom skins made available through VALORANT’s Battle Passes.

Some of these skins are Deluxe Edition, others are Select, but all were limited-time skins that players could only add to their collection by taking part in each Battle Pass’s paid track (each costing roughly $10 to join).

Pro tip – many of these skins have become some of the rarest skins in VALORANT, owing to their limited-time availability. Grab Battle Pass skins while you can, whenever you can!


Ignition (Ep 1) Act 1 Battle Pass - tier 25


Ignition (Ep 1) Act 3 Battle Pass – tier 25


Formation (Ep 2) Act 1 Battle Pass - tier 45


Formation (Ep 2) Act 3 Battle Pass – tier 25


Reflection (Ep 3) Act 2 Battle Pass - tier 25


Reflection (Ep 3) Act 3 Battle Pass – tier 45


Disruption (Ep 4) Act 1 Battle Pass, Tier 25

Hue Shift

Disruption (Ep 4) Act 3 Battle Pass – Tier 25

Task Force 809

Dimension (Ep 5) Act 1 Battle Pass - tier 45

Piedra del Sol

Dimension (Ep 5) Act 2 Battle Pass - tier 25

9 Lives

Revelation (Ep 6) Act 1 Battle Pass – tier 25


Revelation (Ep 6) Act 2 Battle Pass - tier 45


Revelation (Ep 6) Act 3 Battle Pass, Tier 25


Evolution (Ep 7) Act 1 Battle Pass - Tier 45

Deluxe Edition

All Phantom skins in the Deluxe Edition tier will cost you 1275 VP, roughly $16 each.



Kohaku & Matsuba






Team Ace



Select Edition

All Phantom skins in the Select Edition tier will cost you 875 VP, roughly $10 each, making these the cheapest Phantom skins in VALORANT.





10 Best Phantom skins

With so many drop-dead amazing skins up for grabs, choosing the best Phantom skins isn’t easy. But since shelling out for lousy skins is a major bummer that’s sure to burn a big fat hole in your wallet, we’re here to answer the age-old question: “Which Phantom skin is the best in VALORANT?”

? Here are 10 of the best Phantom skins money can buy:

  1. Oni
  2. Champions 2022
  3. Recon
  4. Spectrum
  5. Prime 2.0
  6. Reaver
  7. Singularity
  8. Ruination
  9. Ion
  10. Glitchpop

Free phantom skins?

If you’re wondering how to get free Phantom skins in VALORANT… keep dreaming. There are ways to get free skins, but these tend to be sidearm skins, rather than the more desirable rifle or melee skins.

The closest you can get to a free Phantom skin is buying a skin bundle and considering the savings as your “free” skin.

It’s possible to get free sidearm skins from completing Agent Rewards, and sometimes players with Prime Gaming get freebies, but you can’t guarantee it’ll be a Phantom skin when those do come around.

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