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The VALORANT Haven map is one of the maps featured in Riot Games' tactical shooter game. Haven, unlike the maps released prior to it, includes three Spike plant locations rather than two, which adds complexity and strategy to the mix. Today, we will show you everything you need to know about the VALORANT map Haven, including the best compositions and the best Agents, as well as tips and tricks on defense and offense.

Haven was also one of the most picked maps at VCT//2023 LOCK IN. Pearl was the most picked map, 16 times, while Haven was picked 13 times.

Haven is a popular map among VALORANT players. Credit: Riot Games
Haven is a popular map among VALORANT players. Credit: Riot Games

Haven VALORANT: Everything you need to know about all three bomb sites

Haven in VALORANT is a map with several opportunities and difficulties for both teams. It has three different bomb sites, which makes it harder for both ends of the game as all the players need to be on the same page while rotating to different bomb sites or places on the map.

A site may be found on the map's left side, near the attacker's spawn. There are two primary entrances: A long and A short. A long is a tiny passageway that leads to a large open space with a box in the center. A short path links to the courtyard, where you may also reach B site by a window or a door. Almost the same place as A Long. A site provides plenty of cover and angles for both attackers and defenders, so be cautious when attacking or holding it on Haven in VALORANT.

The B site lies in the center of the VALORANT Haven map, between the A and C locations. The major entrances are B window, B door, and B link. B window is a huge opening that views the courtyard. B door is a little entryway that goes to the garage, from which you may also enter C site by another door or a tunnel. B link is a connecting tunnel to C long, which is a long corridor leading to the C site. B location is quite exposed and vulnerable to attacks from various sides. Therefore, better crossfire and utility are required to defend or capture it.

C site is near the defender's spawn on the right side of the map. It has two primary entrances: C garage and C long. C long is a long hallway that leads to a large open space on the right side with a platform. C garage is a little entryway leading to the garage, from which you may also enter B site by another door or a window. The C location offers less cover and angles than the A site but a greater area and distance, especially for snipers like Operator or Marshall.

How to attack on Haven

As an attacker, you can take various approaches to each site. You may divide up and pressure numerous sites at the same time, or you can gather together and conduct a quick push or a slow default on a single site. You may even fake one site while rotating to another or use your skills to create diversions and distractions.

For the A bomb site on the VALORAT Haven map, block off common angles like heaven, CT, or short A by using smokes, flashes, or walls. You can also flank the defenders using sewers or long A, or rotate to another location if necessary.

Taking mid control is very important if you want to attack the B site. Mid window or garage can be used to establish control of the midfield and pressure the defenders from different sides. Utilities can also be used to clear up common spaces.

You can either use double door or C Long to attack the C site. If the team has a Cypher or Killjoy covering the site, it will be hard for you to execute your tactics. To rush inside the location and overwhelm the defenders, you can employ flashes, dashes, or teleports. You may also use long C or garage to interrupt enemies' rotations or catch them off guard.

Here is the VALORANT Haven map, showing every location. Credit: Riot Games
Here is the VALORANT Haven map, showing every location. Credit: Riot Games

How to play defense on Haven

As a defender, you must be adaptable and flexible in how you hold each spot. You can play aggressively to obtain early picks or information, or you can play quietly and wait for the attackers to make their move. You can also utilize your powers to delay or prevent the opponent's access by rotating fast and efficiently between bomb sites.

A site is one of the broadest locations in the VALORANT map Haven, featuring several access options for attackers. To delay or hinder the attackers' executions, defenders should deploy smokes, flashes, and other abilities. Omen, Astra, Skye, and Killjoy are some strong agents for A site. Skye may flash or heal her allies from heaven or hell, while Omen and Astra can deploy their smokes to obstruct visibility from long A or short A. Killjoy may deploy her turret and alarm bot to detect attackers and do damage.

As there are three different entrances, B site is one of the hardest bomb sites to defend on Haven, VALORANT map with three different bomb sites. If the attackers choose to attack B site, most rounds end with two teams battling in a post-plant scenario, as it is not very hard to plant the bomb and get away from the site. One of the best Sentinel Agents, Sage is a great pick as the Agent can put a wall to the mid entrance to stop a possible rush from the opponent.

You must have agents like Killjoy or Cypher to defend C site on VALORANT’s Haven. Killjoy’s mollies and turret will give you information and slow down enemies. Cypher’s camera and traps will also do the same work. It is best to keep your Sentinels on C and wait for the attacking team to make their move.

Haven VALORANT best Agents

There are different VALORANT roles, and the Agents are picked according to them. If you are looking for a Duelist, Jett is the best option you have thanks to the Agent’s dash, smokes, and other abilities.

Killjoy and Cyper are two of the most picked Sentinels, and the best Controller Agent is definitely Omen. If you know how to play Controller in VALORANT, you can also try Astra or Brimstone in your ranked games.

Lastly, Sova and Breach are two of the best Initiators that will open up bomb sites for you.

An ideal team composition on the VALORANT Haven map is:

  • Jett
  • Omen
  • Killjoy
  • Sova
  • Breach
Jett is one of the most picked Agents in the VALORANT Haven map.
Jett is one of the most picked Agents in the VALORANT Haven map.

Who is the best Sentinel on Haven?

This can depend on your choice, but Cypher is definitely one of the best Sentinel Agents on Haven. Thanks to the Agent’s camera and trap skillset, he can defend the C site alone and even play in double-door and still have control over the C site.

Cypher is a great pick for those who are looking for one of the best Sentinel Agents to play on the VALORANT Haven map. Killjoy is also a very solid pick, especially when the Agent is powerful in the current meta.

Is Haven a defender-sided or attacker-sided map?

As it has three bomb sites, the attackers obviously have a slight advantage, but it wouldn’t be right to say Haven is definitely an attacker-sided map. There are many precautions that you can take on defense, including agents like Cypher, Sage, or Killjoy.

Considering the structure, the attackers have a slight advantage on the VALORANT Haven map.

Is Haven the only map with a C site?

Haven used to be the only map with a C bomb site in VALORANT for a long time, but then Riot Games introduced the second map with three bomb sites, Lotus. In other words, Haven is not the only map with C, but it is one of the two alongside Lotus.

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