Agents of VALORANT: Omen

by BeanAnalysis 2020-04-27

In Riot Games’ brand new FPS, VALORANT, players are beginning to set the meta as they dive deeper into the game. Flashy characters like Jett and Raze are gaining a lot of recognition, even taking one of the first nerfs for Raze. But there is one Agent that is slowly being noticed as a top tier pick for teams, that being Omen (Origin Unknown). Omen is an Agent that requires a lot of team play to make sure he is used to his full capacity. This is a guide to make sure you know all the details when starting to play Omen!

Shrouded Step {C}

This ability allows a player to teleport short distances as they navigate around the map. The most common way this ability is used is as a way to cross open areas while remaining unseen to make sure the player is safe. But more spectacularly, the player could also teleport on top of objects on the map or on top of other teammate abilities to gain an angle advantage on the enemy team. Although the ability is quite powerful, there is a short animation so players are unable to immediately use it after entering into a gunfight. This ability has to be used strategically so that the player can make the most of the situation they are in. The most effective way the ability has been seen used is by teleporting to high points on the map that give the player an overpowered angle so they can secure frags onto the opposing team.

Paranoia {Q}

This ability allows a player to fire a swirling shadow through walls to briefly cloud the vision of opposing players. When used, the shadow will go wherever the player’s crosshair is aimed at for a specific distance. This means that the player can set up pushes for themselves or more effectively for teammates as they push into rooms or into a site. Something to note is that Paranoia doesn’t fully blind an enemy. Instead, it kind of surrounds them with an orb of a shadow that makes them nearsighted in-game. This ability is very powerful when used to support teammates, as it allows them to push into a room safely, or it protects them from an opponent pushing into a site. When the ability is used, the player will be slightly less mobile so the ability can’t be used as something similar to a flash as that may be considered overpowered. Players can use many different angles to compliment the power of the ability as it can pass through walls. This allows for some crazy setups that are most effective when coupled with your team as well.

Dark Cover {E}

This gives the ability to place a large shadow orb on the map over great distances through walls and other objects. This ability is the one that resonates the most with other agents like Jett or Brimstone as it is basically another way to cut off the line of sight of the enemy. That being said, the way this ability works is completely different. When the player initially presses “E” a small bar pops up on the lower half of their screen. If the player uses “mouse2”, the indicator of where the orb will land is shown on the mini-map. It can be shot across the entirety of any map, meaning it’s only limits are the boundaries in-game. This means that Omen players can use Dark Cover in coordination with their teammates to set up site executions while also creating flank routes for themselves. This ability is deadly effective when the coordination of your team is on point. Otherwise, it is simply another way to cut off the line of sight of opponents. The orbs can be used vertically, it just requires some map knowledge to make sure Omen players know exactly where to place their ability to be the most useful for themselves or their teammates. One last thing to note is that there is a time limit that is indicated right above the ability graphic in game. The ability lasts an entire 30 second period through a round.

From the Shadows {Z}

This ability is capable of being the most powerful in the game if used correctly. It allows an Omen player to teleport anywhere on the map from their current position. There are no limitations in distance for this ability, so it can be used as a way to quickly flank the enemy from their spawn, or it can be used to quickly enter a site depending on what the player wants to do. When the player initially uses this ability an image of the entire map is brought up with a crosshair indicator that the player can place to teleport to that specific location. A common way that this is used is to teleport into the spawn of the enemy team and flank them with deadly results. Although this can be done, everyone in the game will hear the fact that Omen used his ability, so the opposing player will be on high alert. An interesting way to use this ability is to couple it with the Dark Cover ability. Initially place the Dark Cover orb on the site, and then use From the Shadows to teleport into the orb. This masks the fact that the player is spawning at that location, and sets them up for an amazing play. There is a major counter to the ultimate though, as there is a set animation between when the ability is used, and when Omen spawns at the location. The opposing players can shoot the initial “shadow” figure which negates the ultimate ability and sends Omen back to where he was teleporting from. This means that Omen mains have to be very specific in how they use their ability as to not waste the extreme utility this ability offers.

Omen is set to be one of the most powerful Agents in the game as long as the player coordinates with their teammates. This seems to be a running trend with most of the characters in VALORANT. Riot Games seems to want to make sure players pair their favorite agents abilities with that of their teammates. This is very interesting as not one single Agent needs to be played, as all of the characters can be used in unison to win the game. Omen further highlights the developer’s vision of making it so there can be multiple in-game compositions that can be used effectively. Some slight changes to the Agents “skills and visuals” are coming to Omen soon. Riot Morello explained that there would be some changes to the overall visuals of Omen as they thought the Agent could use some TLC. Make sure that you follow the website as we release more Agent guides to prepare you for the official drop of VALORANT.

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