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Agents of VALORANT: Cypher

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Just as Riot Games announces that VALORANT will fully be released in a couple weeks, we reach our final installment highlighting the Agents in-game as well as their abilities. To round the list out, we have Cypher (Morocco). Cypher is the only character that is meant purely for information gathering, which makes him a solid asset for top level teams and players.

Spycam {E}

The Spycam is by far one of, if not the most important tools in Cypher’s kit. Players are given the ability to place a camera on almost any surface in the game. This is limited to certain areas as indicated by the highlighted colored line of blue or yellow. Opponents seen through the Spycam by players can be shot with a non-lethal dart that scans said enemy until they pull the dart out. Depending on the placement, players can gather so much useful information throughout the round as they attack or defend. Attacking, players can proactively place cams so that they can watch enemies flank through different parts of the map. On defense, players should use it to gather info on where the opponent is pushing. All of this makes Cypher an important part of any team.

Cyber Cage {Q}

Cypher uses this ability to place a small trap. As of the most recent patch, one should note that opponents will no longer be slowed as they walk through the Cyber Cage. Cypher can manually detonate the traps as well to deny lines of sight and cut off rotations. The traps can be detonated from anywhere on the map as long as players are looking at the general vicinity of the cage. This is an ability players should use in combination with other Agent abilities as it doesn’t do any lethal damage. Teams should use it proactively as communication is vital when using Cyber Cage. There is an audible indication of when an enemy passes through the trap, so it is still a very useful information gathering tool.

Trapwire {C}

This ability is very useful when covering flank routes as well as gaining late round information. The player places down a Tripwire across a corridor from wall to wall. When an opponent walks through the gap the enemy is tethered as well as highlighted by the trap. If the opponent does not destroy the tripwire in time, that player will be stunned as well for a short duration. This is best used when playing away from the team, as it provides an opportunity to set up traps for gaining an advantage later in a round. One thing to note is that the tripwire is audible and visible to the enemy when they are close to the trap.

Neural Theft {Z}

This is an ultimate that makes Cypher a tier 1 Agent. When initiated, Cypher goes through an animation that places his hat above an opponent's body after they are killed. Once the animation is finished, all the living enemy players are revealed on the map for a short. Remember that when any ultimate is used, a global audio cue is announced so that opponents know what’s happening. This is an extremely useful tool in the middle of a round, as it can tell where enemies are pushing and allows the player’s team to set up a counter to said push. It is also useful after a Spike plant. This is a nice ability when used after clearing a certain area of a map, so that the max amount of valuable info can be obtained.

Cypher is not only an incredibly versatile character, but he is also extremely valuable to any team that implements his abilities correctly. High level teams are already putting him to use on the battlefield, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Cypher can be used.

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